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Utility to avoid Stone Shattering leap deaths on Echelon in Halls of Atonement. Tyrannical weeks.

The Stone Shattering leap is a death that occurs when a player falls from a high place. This can be the result of jumping from a height, being pushed off a ledge, or falling through an open doorway. In order to avoid this type of unfortunate event, players have had to utilize utility skills such as wall-climbing and vaulting in order to get around areas with limited space.

The stone shattering leap weakaura is a utility that prevents the player from dying when they enter the Halls of Atonement.

Hello, redditor of the World of Warcraft. I shared this on Competitive Reddit, and I though you may find it helpful as well. This week, I’d want to go through several useful skills to prevent Echelon’s Stone Shattering Leap (that I seldom see utilized). When met in keys over a certain level (depending on the players’ ilvl), this ability may be lethal and is totally preventable… If your group contains specific racials or a decurse. While nearly every player with a blink/dash or in the Night Fae covenant generally performs an excellent job, I often see less meta classes failing to utilize any ability to reduce damage, despite the fact that most of them have excellent choices. Warlock’s demonic circle, monk’s transcendence, hunter’s disengage, Paly’s holy steed, and the venthyr covenant ability door of shadows are just a few examples. I agree that certain classes have it far more difficult than others, however I’ve seen most of these skills utilized effectively when timed properly. Note: A stone-shattering jump is a natural occurrence. AMZ and AMS are excellent methods to lessen the impact.

I was reluctant to write on this subject because I was afraid of getting snarky comments like “everyone knows this,” but I chose to do so anyway for two reasons: The first is that when I looked up Halls of Atonement keys posted in the last week on YouTube (that had tyrannical affixes and were above a +20), I discovered that while most people were aware that the damage could be avoided, poor planning and/or a failure to use all of the players’ potential options resulted in deaths. Almost every key in the videos I saw featured at least one death to stone breaking jump (and those were just the keys the were uploaded). Another reason I chose to write this article is because I think +15s are still a competitive key for certain individuals. In my experience, players I carry or individuals pugging up to approximately +17’s are still unaware that the damage is preventable, and when I have a decurse in my party, they still decurse the healer rather than the person targeted with stone shattering leap. While acquiring the technique of decursing the targeted player may or may not result in death in a +15, it is a scalable approach that may also improve healer dps uptime and therefore reduce total dungeon duration.

This week’s YouTube video is targeted at less experienced players and goes through every Echelon skill… I explain the technique of moving out of a stone shattering jump when appropriately decursed about the midway mark.

I hope you like this video. Have a wonderful day, family.

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Publish “In Halls of Atonement, use Utility to prevent Stone Shattering leap fatalities on Echelon. Weeks of tyranny “World of Warcraft is a video game.

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The mythic reddit is a utility that allows players to avoid the stone shattering leap deaths in Halls of Atonement. It also includes Tyrannical weeks, which are a new type of week where you get more rewards for completing certain tasks during the week.

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