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Easiest Junglers To Start With in League of Legends –

What are some of the easiest junglers to start with in League of Legends?

The easiest junglers season 11 is a list of the easiest champions to start with in League of Legends.

Junglers have one of the most significant impacts on the result of a game.

They’re in charge of capturing game-changing objectives and applying global pressure via ganking, invading, and securing vision.

Of course, there’s camping, which entails tilting the opponent until they write “open mid” in /all chat then angrily quit.

Whether you want to learn jungle because you think you’re tough enough to take on the wilderness (let’s be honest: we all think we’re Bear Grylls at heart) or because you’re sick of seeing your team’s awful junglers squander your lane advantage, you’ll want to know the simplest ones to start with.

That’s why I’ve combed through the woods and undergrowth in search of the simplest junglers in the meta.

These “ez” junglers will make your first foray into the wild a lot less intimidating and a lot more enjoyable (cue Man Vs. Wild opening music).


Volibear (nine)

Volibear LoL gameplay screenshotImage Credit:

The cute but dangerous Volibear is the first on our list.

Volibear may have a basic toolkit, but he isn’t a simple bear.

He’s really a ferocious, roaring tank capable of doing massive damage, slamming into opponents, and devouring camps in a matter of seconds.

Aside from his basic kit, Volibear’s completely pawesome sustain and great mobility are two additional beginner-friendly features.

These characteristics guarantee that your mistakes aren’t penalized too harshly.

Volibear’s ultimate actually disables opposing turrets, making tower diving almost difficult to screw up.

The Thousand-Pierced Bear, on the other hand, is generally not worth taking up until you’ve had some jungle experience.

He isn’t the strongest champion in the current meta (at the time of writing), and his kit is a bit more mechanically difficult than the rest of the list.

Volibear, on the other hand, can easily be played in the jungle or top lane, giving him a lot of flexibility.


Xin Zhao is number eight.

Xin Zhao Jungler LoLImage Credit:

Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demacia, is up next.

Xin Zhao is a powerful early-game jungler with a simple kit, making him ideal for novice players still learning their way around the jungle.

His clarity is incredible, and due to his W, he has a lot of sustain.

He can also easily pull off ganks and invades because to his strong early damage and gap closing ability (E).

Unfortunately, Xin Zhao isn’t the team’s best fighter, and he’s completely dependent on being fed.

It’s a certainty that if he falls behind early in the game, you won’t be able to do anything for the remainder of the game.


Fiddlesticks (nine)

Fiddlesticks LoL gameplayImage Credit:

Fiddlesticks is a beginner-friendly jungler that not only terrifies his camps into submission, but he also scares the enemy team’s whole team.

In fact, I believe he is alone to blame for 90% of all flash misplays — with his jump scare-inducing kit, he effectively transforms the Rift into a horror game, where even the tiniest movement may cause you to flinch out of terror.

But, to begin with, what makes this scary scarecrow a decent jungler?

Once he reaches level 6, he possesses easy to land CC, excellent healing, and dependable ganking potential.

Fiddlesticks would now be higher on my list… However, he does need a strong knowledge of jungle-related macro to really “get gud” on him.


6. Vi

Vi LoL gameplay screenshotImage Credit:

Most of us have been taught from an early age that words are the greatest method to communicate our emotions.

Vi, on the other hand, has been trained to punch her way through everything to achieve what she wants.

And I can’t deny that works, given how effective she is as a jungler.

Vi is a badass (or should I say, punchass) jungler known for her aggressive dueling and ability to knock down drakes and heralds with ease.

Vi is an excellent beginning jungler for individuals who like playing on the more aggressive side, thanks to her excellent camp clear, build flexibility, and unbeatable CC.

The only disadvantage?

Her brash manner of play may be a double-edged sword.

While her involvement will immediately immerse you in the action, she has no way of escape.

In other words, whether the odds are in your favor or not, you’ll be battling to the death.


5. Willump & Nunu

Nunu & Willump Jungler LoLImage Credit:

The one and only Disco Nunu comes in at number five.

Nunu is one of my favorite characters.

It’s not simply because he’s a meme-worthy figure.

He’s a strong jungler with a kit that’s both entertaining and simple to learn.

He may not do the most damage, but he possesses “OP” sustain, excellent objective control, and a quick camp clear.

He can also easily take opposing junglers’ camps, making him an excellent champion to learn how to invade with.

This endearing Yeti is also a jack of all trades, excelling at both ganking and team combat.

His zoomin’ snowball knock up enables him to quickly catch out any overextended opponent, while his tankiness and AoE ult keep him and his team alive, while his opponents are reduced to a gray screen.


Master Yi is number four.

Master Yi LoL gameplayImage Credit:

Master Yi is a fantastic beginner-friendly jungler because of his enormous sustain, amazing late game potential (even if you misplay early on), and decent ganking abilities.

His equipment is much more basic, since none of his powers depend on aiming.

Plus, if piling sweet, sweet CS is your favorite aspect of League, Master Yi will certainly capture your heart.

After all, farming is how he gets his strength. And then there’s farming. And then there’s the farming.

What happens when he’s cultivated enough?

He transforms from a zen “rage provides drive without goal” assassin to a target (and opponent) demolisher.

While Master Yi is a good choice all-around, his ganking isn’t the greatest.

You may say goodbye to your hopes of winning the game if your team chooses to int their lanes before you achieve your power spike.


3. Rammus

Rammus Jungler LoL ScreenshotImage Credit:

Rammus doesn’t have the most powerful early game.

But what happens once he’s loaded up on supplies?

In seconds, he’ll morph into an unstoppable rolling Armordillo, devouring camps, objectives, and opponents.

Not only that, but he’s as rugged as his exterior suggests.

He’s extremely tanky, thanks to his W, which significantly increases his defense.

Whether capturing objectives, team fighting, or taking on the Armadillo’s greatest foe: wolves, he has excellent resilience and sustain.

You’ll be relieved to learn that Rammus doesn’t require much mechanical expertise.

Simply said, Armadillogeddon may be triggered without the need of complicated combinations or skillshots.


2. Amumu

Amumu LoL gameplay screenshotImage Credit:

Do you want a jungler with a basic mechanics that excels in team fights? That has CC that makes you twist your head? That just want to be your companion?

If that’s the case, Amumu is the jungler for you!

Amumu was cursed by an old curse to be the personification of the “forever alone” meme, and there’s a solid reason for it.

Amumu only delivers death, misery, and suffering to anyone who come into contact with him.

His damage-dealing kit makes slaying his foes a breeze, yet his tankiness makes him very difficult to kill.

Furthermore, his ultimate enables him to CC all surrounding opponents with a single button press – yep, you don’t have to “skillshot” anything to completely destroy your opponents in team battles.

Another feature that makes Amumu an excellent first-time jungler is his versatility.

He can gank in a pretty risk-free manner.

If he lands his engage CC (bandage throw), it takes him to the enemy target and stuns them.

If he misses the bandage throw, though, he’ll remain still, enabling him to safely withdraw.


1. Warwick University

Warwick LoL gameplayImage Credit:

The big evil wolf, a.k.a. Warwick, is in first position.

Warwick was built from the ground up to be an entry jungler.

He’s one of the game’s most mechanically basic champions, yet he has every quality you could desire – sustain, incredible camp clear, powerful counter-jungling, the works.

He’s also very adaptable.

You may play him as either a damage-dealing bruiser hellbent on devastation and chaos (the embodiment of uncaged fury) or a tank who takes the brunt of the enemy’s assaults.

But what’s the primary reason Warwick is at the top of this list?

His ganking prowess is unrivaled in the game.

He can pull off ganks as effortlessly as blowing down buildings made of twigs and straws, because to his excellent mobility and lots of (easy to land) CC.

His W (blood hunt) also makes it simple to pick out who to gank without having to look at the map, which is ideal for people whose macro isn’t quite up to snuff.

Note that this material was produced utilizing Riot Games’ “Legal Jibber Jabber” policy and Riot Games’ assets. This project is neither endorsed or sponsored by Riot Games.

The easy junglers 2020 is a list of the easiest junglers to start with in League of Legends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Jungler for beginners?

The best Jungler for beginners is Gragas, as he has a strong early game and can scale into the late game.

What is the easiest hero in lol?

The easiest hero in LOL is usually a support champion that does not rely on skill shots.

Which role is easiest League of Legends?

The easiest role is support.

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