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Strictly Limited Announces Physical Release of Wild Guns, SNES Included

Strictly Limited, a company that specializes in retro-style games announced the release of Wild Guns, a classic beat ’em up on Nintendo’s SNES. The game will be released on September 20th and will include the original cartridge with full instructions and artwork.

The wild guns reloaded is a new physical release of the SNES game Wild Guns, which includes a bonus cartridge.

Strictly Limited Wild Guns

Strictly Limited Games has established a partnership with Natsume Inc. to bring the famous gunslinging series Wild Guns to the real world. Pre-orders for Wild Guns’ physical release on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and SNES will be available shortly. Yes, you read it correctly. Strictly Limited Games is producing a physical cartridge for the original SNES system that includes both Wild Guns and Wild Guns 2 Reloaded in a beautiful bundle.

While the whole release is restricted, the SNES version is much more so. For the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, Wild Guns will be available in a packaged Limited Edition and Collector’s Edition. All vintage gamers will be pleased with the SNES release. If you’re unfamiliar with Wild Guns, it’s a fast-paced arcade shooter that combines the Wild West with futuristic but vintage steampunk. This game will appeal to fans of traditional shooters.


You play as Clint of Annie in Wild Guns, and you must leap, dive, and roll to kill your opponents while dodging the oncoming onslaught of gunfire. You may also play the game with a buddy in a co-op mode. To kill your opponents and take on numerous bosses in different levels, the game provides a wide range of weapons, grenade launchers, shotguns, and explosives to pick from. All of the levels are designed in a way that is both aesthetically appealing and detailed.

The action-packed gameplay of Wild Guns may be seen below:


While the original Wild Guns Reloaded only allowed for two-player co-op, the remastered edition adds two more characters and allows for four-player co-op. Wild Guns Reloaded will be available in two different editions: Limited Edition and Collector’s Edition. Pre-orders will go available on Strictly Limited Games’ website on October 3, 2021.

Wild Guns Reloaded also includes the following features:

  • Visual enhancements
  • Doris and Bullet, two new Wild Guns characters, have been introduced to the roster.
  • Cooperative play for up to four people (local play)
  • ‘Underground’ and ‘Flying Ship’ are two more levels.
  • There are new weapons to master.


Wild Guns Reloaded Limited Edition costs €29.99 and is limited to 2000 copies for the Nintendo Switch and 1000 copies for the PlayStation 4. The Wild Guns Reloaded Collector’s Edition costs €99.99 and is limited to 1500 copies for the Nintendo Switch and 700 copies for the PlayStation 4. The following items are included in the Collector’s Edition:

  • Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 game
  • Boxed Collector’s Edition
  • Manual
  • Stickers
  • Poster that may be used both ways
  • Set of Postcards
  • Soundtrack (original)
  • Cards with Characters
  • Bullet encrusted necklace
  • Diorama made of acrylic
  • Magnet
  • Keychain
  • Numbered one by one

Strictly Limited Wild Guns

A limited edition of 149 metal art cards is also available for €9.99. The SNES edition comes with a beautiful NTSC or PAL style vintage packaging, as well as a manual, for retro collectors. The SNES version will set you back €49.99, and the NTSC version will only be available in 1300 copies, while the PAL region release will only be available in 700 copies. If you want to guarantee yourself a copy, be sure you pre-order the titles as soon as they become available.


Strictly Limited Wild Guns

Are you excited to add Strictly Limited Games’ physical release of Wild Guns Reloaded to your collection? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

Strictly Limited is announcing the release of their new game, Wild Guns. The game includes a physical copy of the SNES cartridge that you can play on your Switch. Reference: wild guns reloaded switch physical.

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