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The Ultimate Ranking –

This is an introduction to a list I’ve curated of the Ultimate Ranking – my personal ranking of games. The purpose of this list is not necessarily to be exhaustive, but rather to show that there are many different ways in which we as gamers can categorize and value our experiences with various types of games.;
Introduction: In light of recent events such as Sony Interactive Entertainment’s decision to pull sales for two titles published by Paradox Interactive because they contained Nazi references on May 31st, 2018 (Skullgirls 2nd Encore was released July 10th) one has been left wondering if video game developers have any responsibility when it comes to depictions or “potential” portrayals

The “panda global rankings” is a ranking of the top 50 most popular games on the internet. It is updated every hour, and it is based on data from Google Play Store.

The Ultimate Ranking –

We’ve all had video game crushes at some point in our lives.

Gaming is full with attractive girls, from Lara Croft in Tomb Raider to Rayne in BloodRayne, and The Legend of Zelda is no exception.

I may be one of the several Zeldas, a Sage, or even a sword’s ghost. Every fan of The Legend of Zelda has a sweet place for one of the game’s memorable female characters.

This classic series gave me some of my earliest video game waifus.

And every new Legend of Zelda game introduces at least one new girl who makes my heart fly far over Hyrule’s meadows.

So, let’s take a look at some of Hyrule’s waifus, shall we?


Linkle is number ten (Hyrule Warriors Legends)

Linkle from Hyrule Warriors Legends

Linkle is a character that straddles the line between canon and fanfiction.

For years, fans have speculated what The Legend of Zelda would be like if Link were a female, owing to the fact that many people mistook the main playable character for Zelda back when the game first came out.

Linkle, who first appeared in Hyrule Warriors Legends for the Nintendo 3DS, isn’t exactly Link’s female counterpart; she’s merely a girl who believes she’s the reincarnated hero.

She aspires to be a hero and is always ready for a challenge.

Linkle is a match made in the Sacred Realm for anybody who like a charming tomboy.


Princess Ruto (nine) (Ocarina of Time)

Princess Ruto from LoZ Ocarina of Time

Zora, Princess of the Sea, is one of the most classic video game crushes there is.

Her low-poly model wasn’t much to go on – and she’s a kid when you first meet her – but I was a kid when I played Ocarina of Time, too.

At the time, this aquatic tomboy appeared like the ideal girl.

She’s grown up quite a bit when you return to her after seven years of hanging about in the Temple of Time.

She’s responsible, mature, and kind, which makes her an even better companion.


(8) Fi (Skyward Sword)

Fi screenshot from LoZ Skyward Sword

Fi is everything you want in a quiet, enigmatic girl with hidden depths, and she is everything and more.

Fi, the spirit that inhabits the Goddess Sword, is committed to assisting Link in preventing Demise’s revival.

She’s encouraging and has a variety of useful abilities, including telekinesis and the ability to scan regions for information.

While Zelda was unmistakably Link’s love interest in Skyward Sword, most of us were there for the blue girl, not the blonde princess-to-be.


Malon is number seven (Ocarina of Time)

Malon from LoZ: Ocarina of Time

Several more characters, in addition to Link, Zelda, and Ganon, appear in various ways throughout the series for no apparent purpose.

One of them is Malon.

At the Lon Lon Ranch, this cute farm girl lives with her father, Talon. She learnt the importance of hard labor at an early age and built a bond with animals and environment.

Malon is really endearing in her mature form. Her charming grin and pointed ears will warm your heart, and the whole “keeping a farm” thing will sell you on the idea of retiring comfortably after saving the planet.

She’ll also look after Epona for you.

It’s hard not to like a girl who loves her dogs.


Paya is number six (Breath of the Wild)

Paya screenshot from Breath of the Wild

When it comes to Paya, most of us think of the Sheikah as scary, yet this couldn’t be farther from the reality.

Impa’s granddaughter, Sheikah, has a vastly different personality than her grandfather.

She’s hesitant, stutters, and can even find it difficult to introduce herself. I mean, she gets embarrassed so quickly and often that it’s almost comical.

She may be really reassuring and supportive if you get to know her. She’s also very intelligent.

I contemplated include Impa on the list, but this ranking requires just one Sheikah member!


Medli is number five (Wind Waker)

Medli screenshot from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

I’ve admired Medli from the first time I saw her on Dragon Roost Island.

Finding this gorgeous bird-girl on one of the first islands I visited was promising since I was a young kid with fantasies of sailing the Great Sea.

Medli is Sky Spirit Valoo’s attendant, much as Ruto was for Jabu Jabu.

It’s not surprising that the Rito, who resembles a bird, follow the same practices as the Zora.

Medli is also one of the few TLoZ heroines that truly joins you in a dungeon to face the hazards.

Despite her little size, she is very courageous.


Princess Zelda is number four (Twilight Princess)

Princess Zelda from LoZ Twilight Princess

Throughout the years, the Princess of Hyrule has assumed many different identities.

Few, however, have the beauty and royal atmosphere of Zelda from Twilight Princess.

This Zelda bears the appearance of a severe monarch ready to lead her country into prosperity, which matches the game’s darker and more mature style.

When it comes to beauty, this Zelda is in a class by herself.

She’s tall and slim, with the most delicate features, and she exudes “Queen Zelda” rather than “Princess” in every way.

She’s also a brunette, something she hasn’t been since the NES’s first two Zelda games.


Midna is number three (Twilight Princess)

Midna from LoZ Twilight Princess

Midna, at least in her humanoid form, is the one female in Twilight Princess that gives Zelda a run for her money in terms of attractiveness.

Midna may have the appearance of an imp, but she is the Twilight Princess, queen of the Twilight Realm and the Twili that inhabit it.

Because living in the Twilight Realm isn’t easy, Midna has a gruff and cruel demeanor at start.

As the game progresses, you’ll see her more pleasant side.

She’s funny, courageous, and driven – and in her real form, she’s a genuine bombshell.

Having Midna around, especially in her mischievous state, would be a definite plus.


2. Zelda Princess (Breath of the Wild)

Princess Zelda from LoZ: Breath of the Wild

Zelda’s most fascinating version is the Princess from Breath of the Wild.

This Zelda is more than simply a noblewoman; she’s also a researcher and a scholar.

Her feeling of duty for her fallen empire, like her curiosity and resourcefulness, has no boundaries.

She’s also a warrior, commanding the Hyrule Champions in their battle with Calamity Ganon. Sure, it didn’t work out the first time around… But, even after 100 years, she never quits up.

She also has beautiful legs and a stylish sense of dress that steers clear of royal classics in favor of a more practical and daring style.


Mipha is number one (Breath of the Wild)

Mipha from LoZ: Breath of the Wild

In our ranks, we don’t make any distinctions between demi-human species, and Mipha is by far the prettiest of them all.

Mipha is the Princess of the Zora, much as Zelda is the Princess of Hyrule. She is also one of the Champions of Hyrule, having been selected to pilot the Divine Beast Vah Ruta against Ganon.

It wasn’t a random decision, either.

Mipha is a powerful fighter and healer who wields the Lightscale Trident.

She can apparently construct armor, since she created the Zora Armor for Link.

The charming Mipha stands out from the rest of the potential love possibilities since she has indicated that she is in love with Link.

She’s also one of the series’ relatively few red Zoras.

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