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Top 30 Most Adorable Kawaii Anime Girls, Ranked –

A list of the most adorable anime girls that are guaranteed to make you smile.

The popular female anime characters 2018 is a list of the top 30 most adorable Kawaii anime girls, ranked.

We watch anime for a variety of reasons.

Most of us would probably claim we watch for the engaging and relatable characters, the beautiful artwork, the unforgettable soundtracks, the real-life lessons, and a variety of other reasons.

The problem is that all of these factors eventually come down to one thing. It doesn’t matter what it is, anime makes us feel something.

And we often feel this way, particularly when we’re seeing characters that are so lovely and adorable that they make us feel a bit too much.

Some of the prettiest anime ladies have been included in this list, and they may just make our hearts burst with the sheer strength and fury of the forbidden force of kawaiiness.


Chiho Sasaki (no. 30)

Chiho Sasaki from Hataraku Maou Sama! anime

Hataraku Maou Sama! is a Japanese anime.

To begin, we have Maou’s part-time colleague at MgRonald’s, the world-famous fast-food restaurant (lol).

It’s none other than Chiho Sasaki’s ship, which I’d want to sail against all difficulties as well.

Despite her little size and position as a mere human, she is tenacious and has never contemplated giving up on Maou.

And, last I looked, Maou is an extraterrestrial whose foes are capable of annihilating her a hundred times over.

With tears in my eyes, I commend her for her devotion.

Those of you who disagree with my position on this girl’s ship are welcome to Mgfreakin’ fight me.


Morgiana is number 29.

Morgiana Magi anime screenshot

Magi (Anime)

A calm girl who can kick some serious ass is something we all like.

Fortunately for us Magi lovers, we have Morgiana, who is both a bashful sweetie and a battlefield beast.

Seriously, the girl is usually as quiet as death – but when she’s angry or serious in a battle, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Given her background as a former slave, it’s been fascinating to see her grow into her own person.

She ultimately chooses a route for herself somewhere in the program, revealing more and more of her charming characteristics along the way.


28. Orihime Inoue

Inoue Orihime from Bleach anime

Bleach is a Japanese anime series.

Inoue’s sweetness and appeal come mostly from her interactions with the other characters, despite the fact that she is one of the more well-known healer waifus in anime.

This is particularly true of her connection with the main character, Ichigo Kurosaki.

She is not only nice, kind, and agreeable, but she also has the sort of grin that makes you feel secure while simultaneously making you feel strange on the inside.

I’d be the first to know.

After all, Inoue was one of my first anime loves, since Bleach was one of the first anime series I ever watched as a child.

I’m not sure what to say. Ichigo is a very fortunate guy.


27. Eri

Eri in Boku no Hero Academia

Boku no Hero Academia is a Japanese anime series.


You’d want to keep an eye on this anime chick at all times.

The reason for this isn’t only because she’s irresistibly adorable – but also because she hasn’t had a happy life in a long time.

Since Overhaul took over the Yakuza that was previously controlled by her grandpa, Eri has been subjected to nothing but physical and mental torture.

It’s not all terrible, however, since she ultimately meets and connects with Midoriya and the others, who can provide her with all the love and attention she so desperately needs and deserves.


Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, number 26

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck Bleach anime screenshot

Bleach is a Japanese anime series.

Why choose one when I can have two adorable anime characters on the same list?

Nell is the shortstack/tall girl that will overwhelm you with that familiar, heart-gripping sensation that you only experience when witnessing absolute cuteness right before your eyes. She comes from the same series as Inoue Orihime who came before her.

Her interactions with Ichigo are always entertaining and hilarious, no matter what shape she’s in.

Let’s not forget that this childish-looking Arrancar is really 26 years old and was formerly known as Tres Espada.

Simply stated, despite her appearance as a snotty-nosed brat most of the time, you can guarantee she can hold her own in a battle.


Elaine is number 25.

Elaine in Nanatsu no Taizai

Nanatsu no Taizai is a Japanese anime series.

Elaine, the ever-dutiful Fairy Princess and the only female to ever hold the Fox Sin of Greed’s heart, is one of the few selfless anime characters who was granted a second chance.

After all, Elaine died while attempting to rescue Ban, just to be resurrected and reunited with him again.

Furthermore, we’ve been fortunate enough to see two sides of her: a lovely tsundere side and a frightening yandere side.

They’re both equally lovely.

Yes, even the one who was envious of Ban and Jericho and attempted to murder them.

Isn’t that strange?


Shino Asada (24), Shino Asada (24), Shino Asad

Shino Asada from Sword Art Online anime

Sword Art Online is an anime series.

Shino Asada, better known in-game as Shion, is undeniably a pretty attractive gaming lady (watch out Redditors), particularly given how she looks and behaves in real life.

Don’t ask me why no other characters from SAO made the cut, or why I chose her over Asuna, everyone’s favorite waifu.

One thing I can assure you of is that it is not because I like females who wear glasses.

And, needless to say, this is not a premonition in the least.


Rem Galleu (number 23)

Rem Galleu in Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu (Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu) (Isekai Maou to Shoukan Sho

Being pulled into one waifu-war after another is one of the things I despise about being an anime fan.

Although, in this anime, I believe we can all agree on who is most likely to win in the end if the MC is forced to choose a choice.

And, let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy catgirls?

Catgirls, on the other hand, appeal to me.

I’d like to think you like catgirls as well.

Catgirls are so popular that even Elon Musk, the ultimate catgirl, is a fan.

That’s what I’ve been told.


Milim Nava (number 22)

Milim Nava from Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken is a Japanese anime series.

For someone dubbed “The Destroyer,” she certainly has a look and demeanor that suggest otherwise.

Milim’s interactions with the environment and the people around her are, for the most part, infantile.

And, more often than not, she prefers to be as casual as possible rather than engaging in traditional demon lord behavior.

You’re aware. Death, devastation, and everything else.

However, behind her deceivingly naïve and charming exterior is a more adult and brutally violent side that emerges from time to time – particularly when she’s angry.


Sawako Kuronuma is number twenty-one.

Sawako Kuronuma in Kimi No Todoke anime

Kimi No Todoke is a Japanese anime series.

To be honest, if Sadako and Sawako from The Ring are so similar in appearance and behavior, I don’t mind her pulling me to her well.

Sawako is a timid anime character who wishes to be more accessible and open. She is reserved and silent, yet she is kind beyond words.

What sets her apart from the others is how pleasant she can be if she tries.

And, due to Shota and her friends, who gradually helped her come out of her shell, she was able to show us more of her charming aspects as the series progressed.


Tanya von Degurechaff is number 20.

Tanya von Degurechaff from Youjo Senki anime

Youjo Senki is a Japanese anime series.

Is it possible that I placed her on this list as an out-of-season April Fool’s joke?


But, unlike a particular video game publisher, I won’t be condescending or pretentious in my explanations – simply because I don’t have to.

Come on, let’s be honest. Imagine her with a regular grin instead of the crazy-ass look she normally has on her face. Even a little smile would suffice.

Now I want you to keep that picture in your mind.

Don’t you think she has a great potential for reaching dangerously high kawaiiness levels, given her small size and overall wonderful character design?

Isn’t it as though she’s already dangerous enough as she is?


Nico Yazawa, 19

Nico Yazawa in Love Live! School Idol Project

Love Live! is an anime series. Project for a School Idol

I’m sure some of you have already heard the famous meme line that yours truly said.

Because you’ve undoubtedly heard the stupid words for the hundredth time, I’m sure your response ranged from pure love to plain irritation.

It didn’t stop me from adding the female to the list, however.

After all, she’s not just a cute idol, but she’s also a fantastic chef, which is one of the many characteristics to seek for when identifying the kawaii-est of waifus.

Don’t you think so?

She advises that you should probably say yes, otherwise your Niko Niko Kneecaps may suffer.


Yassan is 18 years old.

Yassan from The Daily Lives of High School Boys

Anime: High School Boys’ Everyday Lives

This timid literary student only has one ambition in life: to meet a guy on a riverside who, in every aspect, resembles the protagonist of the book she’s writing.

And she’ll go to any length to avoid disrupting the atmosphere if it does happen.

I understand that achieving this objective isn’t easy.

But when she finally got her desire, the comedy of it made me laugh so hard that I had to clutch my stomach in laughter.

She isn’t really bashful, since she only acts strange with Hidenori, with whom she has a strange but endearing fascination.

After all, who else would chase you for a 5k only to inform you she’s friends with the man you saw her with?


Mashiro Shiina is seventeen years old.

Mashiro Shiina in Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo anime

Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo is a Japanese anime series.

Who wouldn’t think an eccentric world-class artist waifu is adorably adorable?

Mashiro sometimes shocks me with how direct and frank she can be when it comes to her emotions, despite her guarded demeanor most of the time.

Although we must agree that her “weirdness” and the manner in which she expresses herself are endearing.

I’ll remember how her love for and connection with Sorata developed in the series’ latter episodes with a grin on my face for a long, long time.


Rikka Takanashi is 16 years old.

Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! is a Japanese anime.

On this list, there are plenty of oddball anime ladies.

Rikka is unquestionably one of these personalities.

Rikka came in, stole Yuuta’s heart, as well as ours, and went away with it to her fantasy world before Yuuta could even get settled in his new school and life as a reformed chuunibyou.

And, after witnessing how the most recent installment concluded, I have to say that their fated encounter was for the best.

We’ll probably never know why, but we all find odd, stand-offish people like her endearing.


Kaguya Shinomiya is a character in the anime Kaguya Shinomiya.

Kaguya Shinomiya in Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai)

Consider yourself a diehard tsundere who considers admitting to the guy you adore first a devastating loss.

Miyuki, on the other hand, isn’t any better.

But Kaguya’s general attitude toward love and how she behaves around the president – particularly when she’s taken off guard – is simply too darn adorable.

What’s more, she possesses a final form that not even Miyuki’s strong mental barriers could resist.

It’s the famous “Feverish Kaguya,” of course.

Needless to say, if she had kept half of the boldness she shown in that moment, she would have won the “battle” many episodes ago.


14. Shiro

Shiro No Game no Life anime screenshot

Anime: Without a Game, There Is No Life

Shiro is without a doubt the most intellectual female on our list, as well as a strong candidate for the title of “The Most Kawaii Imouto in All of Anime.”

She and Sora are not just an incredible power couple in games back on Earth, but they also dominated as soon as they were isekai’d onto Disboard.

Shiro is the less talkative of the two, being the more quirky and reclusive of the two (like I said, there are a lot of them in here).

Even yet, it’s clear from the way she behaves around and away from Sora that she’s more than worthy of her place on this list.

I give her ten headpats out of ten.


13. Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade Kiss-Shot (Shinobu Oshino)

Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade (Shinobu Oshino) in Monogatari Series

Monogatari is a Japanese anime series.

I realize her name is a mouthful.

However, this vampire loli’s lengthy and strange name gives some indication of her age and strength.

She is the most powerful character in the complicated – but still fascinating – series back in her prime, in addition to being 599 years old.

Her relationship with the MC, on the other hand, might be characterized as complex.

Despite her appearing cold and condescending towards Koyomi at times, it is clear that she has a strong connection to him.

So much so that, in an alternative reality where Koyomi was murdered, she set out to destroy the world following his death, she really caused the world to end.

It’s a little complex, as I said.

Now that I think about it, it’s very complex.

To be honest, she looks a lot like the anime she’s in.


Miyuki Takara (age 12)

Miyuki Takara from Lucky☆Star anime

LuckyStar is a Japanese animated television series.

Our friendly neighborhood Meganekko is here to assist you with your tasks while simultaneously murdering you with her compassion and moe.

Miyuki is outgoing and often helpful to her students and particularly her pals, being the typical soft-spoken and pleasant figure in her group.

And, due to her aversion to contact lenses, she quickly rose to the top of the list, since she is an indisputably noteworthy (and, more importantly, cute) bespectacled figure.

Even for the already adorable visual style of her anime.


Nagatoro Hayase (#11)

Nagatoro Hayase in Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san

Nagatoro-san, Ijiranaide, Ijiranaide, Ijiranaide, Ijiranaide, Ijiranaide, Ij

Nagatoro, a tanned and somewhat cruel character from one of the most recent games on our list, pushes her way into the competition!

If you’ve previously seen the program, you’ll see that she isn’t really bullying anybody.

It’s more of a game of tease.

To say the least, they’re the nice type.

The icing on the cake, of course, is when her pranks backfire on her — which occurs often, luckily for both the audience and Paisen.

It’s also entertaining to see her yandere side emerge anytime she sees her bullying victim (i.e. evident crush) ridiculed by or spending time with other females.


10. Yoshi

Yoshi from Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san anime

Nagatoro-san, Ijiranaide, Ijiranaide, Ijiranaide, Ijiranaide, Ijiranaide, Ij

Having a back-to-back conversation with another anime character.

Some of you may be asking why Yoshi is placed before the show’s primary female protagonist.

“You simply don’t understand it,” I would respond.

Yoshi may seem to be a one-dimensional character at first sight, and I wouldn’t blame anybody for thinking so.

However, you must realize that when it comes to rating the most beautiful kawaii characters, I take into consideration a number of factors.

Yoshi, believe it or not, fulfills the criterion better than any other character on the list in an unexpected manner.

Not only is she a bundle of adorable airheadedness right now, but I’m ready to guess that once Season 2 is out, her kawaii status will skyrocket among most fans.

I’m crossing my fingers.


Taiga Aisaka (nine)

Taiga Aisaka in ToraDora! anime

ToraDora is a Japanese anime series.

ToraDora! made me reconsider my anime tastes, among other things, even if I don’t favor pure romcoms on my watchlist.

The Palmtop Tiger herself, whose overall adorable aesthetic and high tsundere-levels managed to grab my then-young high schooler heart the first time I saw the anime, stands out the most from this wonderfully delightful journey of an anime.

It’s easy to understand why Toradora! became the very first anime I’d suggest to others in the romance genre just because of her existence.

And if there’s one thing this show has taught me, it’s that shortstack cute tsundere characters are the best.


Megumin, no. 8

Megumin from Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Megumin, who, while being a genuine magical girl herself, has a propensity for explosions and chuunibyou-ness, hails from the funny and sometimes plain absurd world of KonoSuba.

While she, like the other members of Kazuma’s group, has her fair share of oddities, I would say that she is the most observant and realistic of them all.

Of course, this doesn’t take away from how cute she is – particularly when Kazuma’s antics manage to get through to her.

She’s also not beyond mocking and toying with other characters, which makes her an even more intriguing character in my opinion.


7. Nezuko

Nezuko from Demon Slayer anime

Demon Slayer is a Japanese anime series.

It’s safe to assume that Nezuko was born to be on this list, even before the bamboo muzzle and her demonization.

She’s a lovely, loving imouto to Tanjiro, but when she becomes protective and furious, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

What more could Tanjiro want for as an elder brother?

(Insert family joke about Dom Toretto here.)

It’s unfortunate that she finally met her match when she headbutted her brother’s steel-like forehead.

Please accept my apologies, Nezuko.


Raphtalia is number six on the list.

Raphtalia in Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari is a Japanese anime series.

We’ve previously discussed a catgirl on this list and agreed that cats are friggin’ great – but what about a half-tanuki waifu?

Raphtalia is heartwarmingly tear-jerkingly adorable in all of her forms, from her basic cute kid form to her ultimate loving waifu form.

And I’m certain that no one would dare to disagree.

Her character is also a great example of what a loyal and kind-hearted adorable waifu is.

She was, after all, the first otherworlder to demonstrate what real love looks and feels like to Naofumi.

And I wish them both the best of luck.

I ship them all the time.


5. Hinata Uzumaki / Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga / Hinata Uzumaki from Naruto & Boruto

Naruto and Boruto are two anime series.

What would a ranking list be without the original timid, introverted kawaii ninja waifu herself?

To be honest, you have to give it to her.

Despite Naruto’s complex nature and his long-standing childhood love on Sakura, Hinata emerged victorious and won the title of best female in the end.

Since I first saw her in her first scene with Naruto, I’ve known she’d do it.

The ship was formidable at the time!

Even today, in the sequel, I find myself reminiscing over her lovely moments from Naruto’s early days.

That was the lasting impression she had on me as a young anime fan seeing my first Shounen – and a testimony to how good a show Naruto was.


4. Rem

Rem in Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu anime

Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime)

I offer to you the fourth item on our list, with tears in my eyes and snot in my nose, with memories of her confession still repeating in my mind.

Rem, in my view, deserves a yes from Subaru just as much as Emilia, despite of what EmiXSuba fans have to say about her.

It had been a long road for both us and the MC, but there’s no denying that she and her increasingly attractive demeanor and devotion to Subaru grew on us as the first season progressed.

The’s why, for most of us, that moment was so painful.

That’s how it should be.


3. Emilia

Emilia from Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime)

Now, I’m not taking sides in the Rem versus Emilia for best female debate, but there’s a reason why I placed Emilia ahead of Rem on this list.

The reason for this is, of course, the second season of the program.

In terms of kawaiiness alone, I believe Rem had the upper hand in the first season.

However, the way Emilia’s (and child Emilia’s) characters were handled in the most recent episodes of the series was nothing short of brilliant.

In comparison to the previous season, we were able to witness more of her commendable and obviously adorable characteristics.

However, I hope that Rem receives the same amount of screen time as Emilia in the next season so that the playing field is more even.

And just so we may finally put an end to the “War of the Waifus.”


Kanna Kamui (Kanna Kamui) is a Japanese word

Kanna Kamui in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid anime

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is an anime series created by Miss Kobayashi.

This gothic-lolita prankster dragon is an obvious choice for this position, and would have been number one if it weren’t for the fact that she is who she is.

Kanna, like several of the other characters on this list, is soft-spoken and quiet, but she adds to the mix by having a few but equally charming “outburst moments” in between her regular cutesy shticks.

And they’ll all make you say “aww” every time.

Those who haven’t yet seen this gem of a performance and intend to do so at some point in the future should exercise caution…

With this one, the moe is a force to be reckoned with.


1. Kuriyama Mirai

Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata anime

Kyoukai no Kanata is a Japanese anime series.

Remember how I mentioned I didn’t like cute glasses-wearing girls?

That, of course, was a lie.

Now, I could probably write a 1,000-word thesis for all of you explaining why Meganekkos are better anime heroines and why I picked Mirai for the top position over the other great competitors on this list, but that wouldn’t be fun.

At the very least, for you.

If you haven’t seen her series yet, I strongly advise you to do so.

Even if you don’t agree with me after seeing it, I won’t be offended.

Despite the fact that I think this clumsy, charming, and fascinating bespectacled beauty deserves all the love she can receive.

The cute anime girl names is a list of the top 30 most adorable Kawaii Anime Girls, ranked.

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