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Cryptozoic Releases Trio of Stephen Rhodes Games

Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced the release of three new games from Stephen Rhodes, a prolific designer who is known for creating board games such as The Big Book of Madness and Kingdom Death.

Cryptozoic has released three new games by Stephen Rhodes. The games are called Guilds of Ravnica, Dominaria, and Ixalan.

22 September 2021 – Cryptozoic Has Released a Stephen Rhodes Trilogy. Let’s Dig for Treasure, Let’s Summon Demons, and Don’t Talk to Strangers are three games based on the work of Steven Rhodes that will be released on September 28 by a prominent producer of tabletop games, trading cards, and collectibles. Rhodes is most recognized for his unconventional reimaginings of 1970s and 1980s children’s activity books. Dynomite Games, an old-school sub-brand of Cryptozoic, created the games, which reflect the games’ hilarious vintage settings.

Each 2-6 person game offers fast-paced, easy-to-learn action with little setup time, as well as hidden depth for dedicated players. The games will be available at Spencer’s and hobby shops worldwide in time for Halloween and the Christmas season, after a successful Kickstarter campaign in late 2020.  

“Seeing how my ideas have been transformed into a bigger universe of their own has been a really fascinating experience,” Steven Rhodes remarked. “Cryptozoic has done an amazing job of capturing the vintage feel and twisted comedy of my artwork to create such a fun and collectable collection of games.”

“We’re big admirers of Steven Rhodes’ work, so creating three games inspired by his dark and funny sensibility was incredible,” said Cryptozoic co-founder Cory Jones. “Our aim with the Dynomite Games brand is to offer hobby gaming principles to casual board game players, in addition to having very beautiful graphics. Although each of these bite-sized games has genuine strategic aspects, the fundamental rules may be taught in about five minutes! They’re all a lot of fun and have something for everyone.”

On September 28, all three games based on Steven Rhodes’ work will be available for $19.99 in shops worldwide.

Product Specifications:

  • The number of players is 2–6.
  • Ages: 14+
  • 15–20 minutes of playtime
  • Based on Steven Rhodes’ artwork
  • Ben Stoll created the game design.

Let’s Go Treasure Hunting!

Players begin by shuffling cards and constructing three “Dig Stacks,” a fortune and glory push-your-luck event. They then rummage through the deck, searching for cards with high point values or that may trigger strong effects.

More information may be found at Board Game Atlas.

Lets Dig For Treasure Board Game

Let’s call in the demons!

Only the most astute (and fortunate) player—the greatest Demon Summoner—will emerge victorious. By rolling dice, triggering cards, and collecting Soul Tokens, each player aims to call all three of their Demons before their opponents.

  • 125 Playing Cards
  • 40 Tokens of the Soul
  • 2 Dice (6-sided)
  • 1 set of rules

More information may be found at Board Game Atlas.

Lets Summon Demons Board Game

Strangers Shouldn’t Be Interacted With

Players guide children from school to scoring areas where they are rewarded with points and other incentives. Any player who draws a Stranger card has the ability to kidnap any child on a Stranger Space. The objective is to rack up as many points as possible before the area is invaded by unearthly Strangers.

  • 100 Playing Cards
  • 10 Weirder Tokens
  • Tokens for 40 children
  • 1 Coin of the Flying Saucer
  • 1 Game Board (Double-Sided)
  • 1 set of rules

More information may be found at Board Game Atlas.

Dont Talk To Strangers Board Game

Steven Rhodes’ news release may be found at https://cryptozoic.com/blogs/articles/stevenrhodes-pressrelease.

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