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How to Get Azoth in New World

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The “how to get azoth new world reddit” is a way for players in the game New World to obtain Azoth. Players can find Azoth by defeating monsters, exploring dungeons, or completing quests.

How to Get Azoth in New World

New World Azoth

Aeternum is full with resources, some of which are more magical than others, such as Azoth.

Azoth is said to bestow superhuman abilities to Aeternum, enabling beings to travel across time, create formidable weapons and armor, and even revive the dead.

The longer you play the game, the more you’ll see that a steady supply of Azoth is required to complete a variety of activities.

What Is The Best Way To Farm Azoth?

Azoth may be farmed in a variety of ways, with one of the first being to beat foes and get it from them.

It is possible to construct or get items that will provide you a chance to get Azoth when you execute particular agricultural acts, as long as they contain the necessary stats.

Azoth Springs may be found in several places of Aeternum and can be harvested to produce a significant quantity of the resource.

The Most Effective Method of Obtaining Azoth

Having various tools with the stat that enables you to earn Azoth while farming is one of the greatest methods to farm Azoth.

As you advance through the game, you will discover that you earn Azoth swiftly and will have enough to last you.

While defeating foes is an excellent idea, completing missions increases your chances of getting the resource.

Azoth’s Functions

Azoth is mostly used for crafting and rapid travel, but it may also be utilized for Attribute Respec while using the feature.

Fast travel in Aeternum costs a specific amount of Azoth each time you teleport to another fast travel spot, with the distance costing more Azoth.

When manufacturing weapons, armor, and accessories, you may use Azoth to improve the quality of the goods you make.

Azoth Springs is the best place to farm.

Areas with Azoth Springs, which may be harvested for a set quantity of Azoth, are found in several Azoth farming locales.

  • Brightwood may be found in caverns and other surrounding sites around Bronzegrove in the lowest half of the region.
  • Ebonscale Reach – There are several items spread around this location, but getting from one to the next may take some time.
  • Azoth Springs may be found in the Mortal Mire, the Fallen Frontier, and the Blighted Wilds, among other places.
  • Edengrove – Some Azoth Springs, as well as the river that flows from it, may be found near the Genesis of Malevolence.
  • Mourningdale — Around Subra, there are a couple Azoth Springs as well as the river that leads to the Ancient Road South.
  • Reekwater — There are a lot of spots with Azoth Springs in this region, but be careful of the high-level opponents.


Azoth is one of the most valuable resources in Aeternum, and you’ll need a lot of it when you need to start travelling between areas.

If you participate in making, depending on how much Azoth you spend while creating your goods, you may make even greater equip.

If you’re confused about anything or want to switch weapons, you’ll need Azoth to reset your attribute points.

While Azoth may be difficult to come by at first, you may farm it in a variety of ways, or combine several strategies to get a large amount of it quickly.

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