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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Brightness on Your Apple Mac

Apple MacBooks are designed to offer users a seamless experience. The device has features that allow users to navigate the interface and functions of the laptop easily. One of the most important parts of the MacBook is the battery; without a good battery, you will not be able to do much with the device. For this reason, it is important for users to always look for ways to improve the battery life of their MacBook. The battery life affects the overall performance of your Mac. One of the key practices that improve the battery life of an Apple Mac is reducing and increasing the brightness of your screen at required times.

This review will provide you with the easiest and quickest ways to increase and reduce the luminosity of your Mac so that you can maintain better battery life.

How To Change The Screen Brightness On Your MacBook

You can achieve higher luminosity on your MacBook screen, which will help you use the laptop even when the immediate environment is bright. You can also reduce the luminosity whenever the immediate environment is dark.

One of the horrid things you might come across on your Mac while thinking that it’s a normal screen issue is kernel panic. Computers are prone to certain hardware and software errors, irrespective of their age. So when you see the error popping up on your screen, the first thing to do is not to panic because, in that state, you might end up causing more damage to the computer. Usually, it is very difficult to identify that the issue is because of faulty hardware or software or altogether a different reason. To fix a kernel panic error, get help from a good online guide. The guide in the link here provides you with easy solutions to overcome kernel errors. In a few steps, you might be able to fix your Mac and continue working normally.

For other ways, you will not need more than this article. In a bit, you will learn how to turn off auto brightness on Mac and so on.

Shortcut to Adjust MacBook’s Brightness

The Apple Mac has an automated luminosity, which means the luminosity level is adjusted to suit your environment. This does not mean that you cannot make small adjustments manually. Even though you can make these adjustments, the configuration will not allow you to exceed the default luminosity. There are tools you can employ that will offer you more flexibility.

Control Center

The control center will allow you to manage many key things like controlling the brightness of your MacBook. Increasing brightness on Mac through the control center is easy and you will not require more than these steps to be able to increase your brightness through the control center.


●          Launch the control center in the right corner on the top of the home screen.

●          Toggle the display slider to adjust the brightness.


This tool is handy for Mac users who want to double the luminosity of their Mac monitors. This works on MacBook Pro and other Macs. You might think that your luminosity is at the max level, but the improvement offered by Vivid is just astonishing. This tool does not hack your device or spoil your hardware, and it only maximizes the luminosity of your screen.

You can install this tool on your computer and enable it from the menu bar, and you can use it to regulate your luminosity however you want. You can use the F1 and F2 keys to regulate the brightness as you would the normal brightness of the device. You can compare the difference to see the full effect of Vivid.

F1 and F2 Keys

Even without Vivid, you can make your luminosity go up. The manual method is simple and easy to manipulate as well. The default settings allow you to adjust your luminosity whenever you want seamlessly. The F1 and F2 keys will allow you to add or reduce the brightness on your Apple Mac. You should hold Option and shift while reducing or increasing the brightness on your Apple Mac. It will allow you to make more grainy fluctuations.

Manual Adjustment on External Display

At this point, you must have understood that there are multiple ways to reduce and add the screen brightness on Mac. When using an external display, the method doesn’t quite change. You will have to reduce and add the brightness on your screen by going to the system preference and choosing Displays, and you can then tweak the brightness of the external screen.

If that does not work, you can install DisplayBuddy or any other Mac-friendly tool that will allow you to manipulate the external monitor’s contrast, luminosity, and even volume.

Setapp Kit

The Setapp kit allows you more flexibility to control the display of your Mac. This allows you to activate the full potential of your Mac’s Display.


You must pair this tool with apps like Vivid to get the full value of your screen’s brightness. You can combine Vivid, Endurance, and DisplayBuddy to get the highest luminosity possible.

With all these methods, you will not have a hard time adjusting the brightness of your Mac’s screen. All these methods offer you simple ways to go about it. If you are not satisfied with the manual methods, you can opt for apps that allow you to add luminosity to your Mac and enhance the quality of the Display by allowing you to get twice the usual luminosity.


The Mac is a convenient and luxurious device with some of the market’s best features. There are many ways that users can maintain the quality of their Mac’s battery, and the easiest is by adjusting the luminosity of the Mac at just the right time. You have been provided with some of the most reliable methods to adjust the brightness on your Mac. So have fun with