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Weave skins and perfect crafting system did exist

Games have become more immersive in recent years with the widespread use of virtual reality headsets. Virtual worlds are now an integral part of gaming that offer players a sense of freedom and immersion not found in conventional games.

The “lohner’s emporium” is a Minecraft server that has been around for over 4 years. The server has a perfect crafting system and weaves skins into the game.

tl;dr: Weave weapons have been available in official adventure mode for around 1.5 years since the introduction of Winds of Magic (DLC, I will refer to it as WoM). This resulted in increased strength, as well as configurable weapons and weave skins. This disallowed feature was obviously a bug, and it was fixed out around a half-year ago.

Disclaimer: This page is not intended to encourage anybody to utilize glitches in the official realm; instead, please save your antics for private games or customized realms.

A fantastic feature that may have rescued WoM but was never implemented.

First, let me clarify what you were able to do as a result of this bug. In adventure mode, this bug enabled you to utilize the weaving weapons (normal game mode). These weapons are normally only available in the WoM DLC’s weaving game mode. You gain a boost in hero power, configurable stats for your weapons, and a cool-looking skin if you use them.

1.) Increased power

  • Because it offers you a “competitive edge,” the power boost was the key issue for deleting this flaw. There’s no need to powercreep much more since Cataclysm 3 can be finished with the existing maximum power of 650.
  • On the other hand, if Cataclysm 2 and 3 were available in adventure mode, this power boost may be justified. Cataclysm 3 is readily possible with 650 hero power, in my opinion. This boost in power is only required for the weaving.


2.) Properties and qualities that can be customized (works in adventure mode too)

  • You would utilize the Athanor to unlock, improve, and configure your weapons if you haven’t yet played weaves. To unlock and improve, you’ll need essence, which may be obtained in tiny quantities by playing weaves and in larger amounts by playing adventure mode.
  • The finest feature of this crafting method is the customisation, since you don’t have to reroll and may pick the attributes you desire. Anything you choose will cost you mastery points, and you will be able to design weapons with more than two attributes. (See illustration below)
  • In terms of the bug, the attributes worked in official game mode as well. Despite the fact that they aren’t visible in the photograph above.


3.) Eye-catching skins

  • There is no need for further explanation. The most up-to-date Fashiontide in all of the Old World.


There was a mechanism for weaving skins and crafts (until patched out)

Now, due of the increased strength, I don’t mind if they remove these weapons from adventure mode. The only disappointment is that we could have had awesome-looking weaponry with adjustable attributes and features.

The steps to obtaining these weapons were already in place. They could have made essence only available via weaves, which would require players to play weaves in order to unlock and enhance their weapons before they could enjoy complete personalization.

Weave weapons are already in your regular inventory; they’re just filtered out so you can’t see them. This implies that you may equip woven weapons from your inventory.


I’m hoping everything is coming together. All of the implementations for weaving weapons in adventure mode are complete. They also functioned till they were fixed. Everything’s been more than two years since WoM was released, and none of this is accessible in standard game mode, despite the fact that it works!!!

As far as I’m aware, something is being worked on in this area (no source). This feature might have existed a long time ago and would have been a huge selling factor for WoM, in my opinion (even without the power increase).

I’m hoping that this functionality will be included to the game, and that Fatshark will be more open about their development process (in regards to both Vermintide 2 and Darktide). We don’t need in-depth devblogs. Even a brief status update on what they’re working on and what additions we might anticipate in the future of Vermintide is enough to reassure seasoned gamers that V2 isn’t dead yet.

Have a wonderful day!

PS: Big Balance Beta and Deed System Rework are also awaiting their time.

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