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The Zodiac Age –

The Zodiac Age is a role-playing video game developed by Square Enix, the third entry in the Final Fantasy series. It was released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows on January 30th, 2018.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is the remake of the game that was originally released in 2006. This remaster includes updated graphics, new jobs, and a ton of other changes. Read more in detail here: final fantasy xii the zodiac age.

The Bazaar system in Final Fantasy XII is similar to crafting.

After selling a specific number of goods to any store, a new (and generally uncommon) item emerges in the bazaar for purchase.

This is a way for players to be rewarded for looting and exploring in Ivalice.

There’s a lot to do, but which projects are the most worthwhile? Let’s take a look at some of the finest packages to find in the bazaar system of The Zodiac Age.


Nature’s Armory is number ten (Crown of Laurels and Rubber Suit)

Fran getting items for Nature’s Armory Bazaar in FFXII TZA

One of the greatest aspects about shopping at the bazaar is that you can often find great bundle bargains.

Nature’s Armory is one example of this.

The Rubber Suit fully eliminates lightning damage while also providing 700 HP, while the Crown of Laurels offers the second-best HP increase of any headgear, with 680 additional health points.

How to get it: Trade in 9 Prime Pelts from Ose opponents in Giruvegan and 7 Forbidden Fleshes from Bunes at the Pharos in Ridorana for 8 Fire Crystals.


9. Vestments in White (White Robe and White Mask)

White Vestments in the Bazaar UI Menu in FFXII TZA

The White Robes assist a White Mage performing the Holy spell or a Bushi-Knight wielding Excalibur by increasing magic protection and attack, as well as increasing the damage of all Holy-based strikes.

Because the White Mask absorbs Holy, you may transform into a genuine heavenly being by wearing both the robes and the mask.

Collect 9 Blood Wool from Baritine Crocs in the Paramina Rift, 7 Beastlord Hides from Reavers in the Pharos, and 9 Holy Crystals from Babils in the Necrohol of Nabudis to complete the quest.


The Scorpion (number 8) (Vrscika)

Vrscika/Scorpion Bazaar Goods Tracking / FFXII TZA

The ultimate hammer — and, by implication, the most effective weapon for Foebreakers.

The Vrscika is as good as it is difficult to say (VEE-see-ka).

It has a decent combination rate and is also quite quick.

This weapon may help your Foebreaker buddies become the greatest they can be.

3 Charged Gizzards from Henne Mines Thunderbugs, 3 Wyrm Bones from Hydros in the Pharos, and Scorpio Gems from Balloons in the Stillshrine of Miriam are required to complete this quest.


The Leering Blade is number seven (Deathbringer)

Leering Blade Deathbringer Weapon Steals / FFXII TZA

There are many interesting weaponry strewn around Ivalice.

Few, however, have names as awesome as Deathbringer.

And this weapon is as effective in combat as its name suggests.

The Deathbringer is a one-handed blade that is very powerful and has a 12 percent chance of killing you instantly!

To get 3 Broken Swords from Baritine Croc in the Paramina Rift, 7 Demon Tails from Buers in the Zertinan Caverns, and 10 Dark Crystals from Foobars in the Nabreus Deadlands, go to the Paramina Rift.


6. Incomparable Metal (Gemsteel)

Matchless Metal Gemsteel Poaches / FFXII TZA

Gemsteels are valuable commodities that are just as essential as equipment.

They’re necessary components for crafting the game’s most powerful weapons, and they’re only available in the bazaar.

To get 1 Scarletite, take 2 Damascus Steel from Anchags in the Paramina Rift, and steal 2 Hell-Flame Gate’s from Wary Wolves in the Feywood from Emeralditans in the Nabreus Deadlands.


5. The Beast’s Whisker (Kanya)

Whisker of the Beast in The Estersand / FFXII TZA

If your party includes a monk, the Kanya is a weapon you should consider.

Kanya is the game’s finest pole – and an improvement to the Whale Whisker.

The Kanya possesses excellent evasion and a staggeringly high combo attack rate of 35%.

You can obtain extremely high combo attack numbers and destroy even the toughest opponents if you give your Kanya-wielder some Genji Gloves.

How to get it: Collect 3 mythril from Mythril Golems in Giruvegan, 3 Corpse Flies from Dragon Lichs in the Pharosand, and 4 Aquarius Gems from Golems in the Feywoods, which are high-chain uncommon drops.


Scout’s Crossbow (number 4) (Penetrator Crossbow and Time Bolts)

Scout’s Crossbow Bazaar Goods / FFXII TZA

The Penetrator Crossbow is the game’s third-best crossbow.

It offers excellent stopping power and the extended range that you’d expect from a rifle of this caliber.

The two more powerful crossbows are very difficult to come by, so having a dependable option is a huge plus.

You also receive Time Bolts as a bonus, which have a 25% chance of causing Doom.

Any deserving Time Battlemage will appreciate the Scout’s Crossbow bundle.

To make the package accessible, sell 4 Wyvern Fangs, 3 Ancient Bones, and 9 Holy Crystals to any store. Fangs are dropped by Aeronites in the Lhusu Mines, Ancient Bones are dropped by Dead Bones in the Barheim Passage, and crystals are dropped by Babil golems in the Necrohol of Nabudis.


3. Bow in Silver (Dhanusha)

Dhanusha Bazaar Weapon Tracking / FFXII TZA

Dhanusha is the game’s second-most powerful bow, behind only Seitengrat in terms of strength — however the difficulty of obtaining Seitengrat’s unseen shattered bow makes the Dhanusha the preferable option.

Dhanusha has a high attack power, good evasion, and a high critical hit rate.

Add some Assassin or Poison arrows to your arsenal, and you’ve got a weapon that can slice through opponents like a Chocobo through gyshal.

3 Beastlord Horns from sword-wielding Humbabas in the Mosphoran Highwaste, 3 Moon Rings from Ash Wyrms in the same location, and 4 Sagittarius Gems from Foobar flans in the Nabreus Deadlands are required.


2. Blade of the Serpent (Mesa)

Serpent Blade Bazaar Hunt / FFXII TZA

The Mesa is the Ninja Blade with the most power.

Aside from having a high dodge boost, attack power, and combo rate, the Mesa may also poison opponents on-hit, giving it even more value.

Get 2 Coeurl Whiskers from Ose cats in the Great Crystal, 2 Sickle Blades from Feywood Preying Mantises, and 3 Cancer Gems from Deathclaws in the Ridorana Cataract.


1. Blade crafted by a master (Kumbha)

Master-Crafted Blade Tracking Drops / FFXII TZA

The Kumbha has a powerful strike, with double the range of other katanas (but it can’t kill flying opponents).

And the greatest part?

It can be operated with just one hand.

That implies, unlike any other katana, you may use the Kumbha as well as a shield at the same moment.

The extra evasion is very beneficial.

Not to mention the extra-high combo rate!

Mastercraft blades are difficult to come by. 2 of the aforementioned bazaar-exclusive Gemsteels, 3 poached Orichalcum from Deidars in the Pharos, and 3 Mallets from Purobolos in the same location are all required. You’ll also need 350,000 gil, so start farming right now.

The final fantasy xii the zodiac age gameplay is a remaster of the original final fantasy xii. It has been released for PS4 and PC, and will be coming to Xbox One in 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Final Fantasy 12 zodiac age a remake?

No, Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac age is a remaster.

Is Zodiac age turn based?

Zodiac Age is a turn-based RPG.

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