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Review – Eldest Souls –

Eldest Souls is a game that has been in development for three years and was recently released on Steam. The game features an interesting combat system, but the story is not as engaging as it could be.

Eldest Souls is a new Switch game that has been released recently. It was developed by the indie studio, The Game Kitchen. This review covers the gameplay and story of the game.

When I initially played Eldest Souls at E3 2019, I knew two things. For starters, it was exactly my kind of game. It was also going to kick my behind. I got down with Fallen Flag Studios co-founders Johnathan Constantini and Francesco Barsotti as they discussed game concepts with me. When I approached the first boss, everyone began to chuckle, knowing that I was about to get pounded. They were right, and it wasn’t the first time I’d been thrashed. However, I was loving the challenge, which is something that not many games nowadays provide. The last game has arrived, and I can definitely predict that it will beat the living daylights out of you. Let me put it in context. Returnal, a recent game that has been dubbed “challenging,” only killed me seven times before the credits rolled. Over a hundred and forty times, Eldest Souls murdered me. This is not a game for the faint-hearted.

Eldest Souls is a boss-rush action role-playing game set in a world where man has conquered the Old Gods. Man revolted against the Old Gods to govern the lands, sealing the Old Gods in the Sacred Citadel because he was tired of being their slaves. The Old Gods unleashed a vast desolation onto the earth as a last act of retribution, and mankind is now vanishing. You take on the role of the Lone Warrior, humanity’s last chance. To put a stop to the curse, you must penetrate the Sacred Citadel and kill the Old Gods. It isn’t the most creative plot, but hey, you need some bad ass god-like opponents to beat you about for eight hours or so.


It took me almost 140 lives to get to this location.

Because Eldest Souls is mostly a boss rush game, there isn’t much to do in the open world sections. That isn’t to suggest it’s devoid of life; there are plenty of NPCs and stuff to explore. You will not, however, be battling opponents and earning experience or stuff while doing so. You’ll come across crucial goods that you’ll need to deliver to specific NPCs as you explore the environment. Some of these goods may be found in the wild, while others are obtained by defeating monsters or unlocking a region. After beating a monster, for example, you’ll get a rusted key that will allow you to unlock one of the cells in an earlier region. This cell will contain a bag of gold that you may use to improve your blade or armor by giving it to the Blacksmith.

Buffs may be obtained through certain critical items obtained from NPCs, but the majority of your character growth comes from earning skill points from bosses and the bosses soul. Because there is complexity to the fight, your basic move set isn’t even that simple. A basic attack combination, a charge dash attack, and a heavy strike called Bloodburst are all available to you. Bloodburst, on the other hand, may only be used after a successful charge strike. When you successfully land this strike, your gauge fills up, and each hit you land on an opponent grants you health. Because there are no healing potions, this is the only method to heal oneself. You may also use the Bloodburst attack to finish up your meter and do enormous damage.


Don’t get too enthusiastic; the Blacksmith’s improvements are fairly restricted.

Once you’ve defeated your first boss and earned your first skill point, you may choose your combat style. Windslide is a fast-paced move with the possibility of missiles surrounding and attacking the opponent. Berserk Slash is a more power-oriented set for maximum damage and healing. The Counter style is for individuals who want to go all out and use boss assaults against their opponents. There are several modifiers to unlock with extra skill points within these three styles that will change your movements in a variety of ways.

Furthermore, each soul you acquire has its unique set of abilities that can dramatically alter your gameplay. A boss soul may be inserted into six distinct places on your character. You have a primary super slot that you may use to release the soul’s power when charged. Charge attack, dash, Bloodburst, general combat style, and the last tier slot in your skills all have modifier spaces. Not all souls are helpful all of the time; some will only assist you if your life is at or below 50%. Other souls will have a good and bad impact on you, forcing you to consider your choices. What’s more, you may reset and alter your fighting style at any moment without incurring any penalties. To discover your ideal build, experiment with various moves, upgrades, and boss soul placements.


If you feel that your existing moves don’t suit a boss, don’t be scared to totally alter your skill set.

Eldest Souls’ bosses are clearly the game’s primary emphasis, and they do not disappoint. Each boss battle feels drastically different than the last, requiring you to continually retrain your muscle memory. The bosses will all use a variety of attacks against you, and learning the tells and patterns will take some time. They will get enraged at the halfway mark and begin launching various assaults, stronger strikes, and increased loudness. These battles are harsh, and each monster has the potential to knock you out in a matter of seconds with a few hits. Missing a handful of dodges and not using Bloodburst to heal is a fast death sentence. With mobility and dodges, you must be just as defensive as you are with charged strikes and Bloodburst to heal. Despite having my ass handed to me on a frequent basis, it’s a mechanism and loop that I enjoyed.

The designs are very amazing, in addition to the great boss battles. Every boss, as well as the arenas they’re in, has a unique appearance. They utilize a vintage pixel graphics style, but it’s very detailed and beautifully animated. When bosses change mid-fight, their appearance and design typically changes as well. The arena, as well as the boss design, may alter and relocate. It’s a visual show the whole time and with each boss with all of stuff going on. The whole universe, as well as the environment designs, has a rather gloomy undertone. Even non-player characters match the theme, enhancing the sense of a barren country destroyed by gods and mankind.


You must not only battle The Deer God, but you must also keep an eye out for environmental hazards such as flora.

Although the sound design is simple, I believe it was chosen to heighten the sense of death and horror. While touring the devastated city sections, the soundtrack is solemn, but it kicks up beautifully during the battles. It ups the pace and intensity to match the fear you’re experiencing in front of a new, threatening employer. The battle sound effects are pretty typical, consisting of slashes, smashes, explosions, and the like. They are, nevertheless, executed with enough force for each of these sound effects to be felt. Because various fighting styles include distinct types of visual and battle effects, each has its own set of sound effects. You won’t be listening to the music or cringing from a violent assault outside of the game, but it’s very nicely done.

Eldest Souls isn’t going to be for everyone. It will crush you and make you doubt your gaming abilities. However, I never thought it was unjust, and the feeling of achievement that comes with ultimately bringing down a boss is enormous. The battle has a surprising amount of complexity, and the action is continuous, forcing you to adapt. Because you can’t get upgrades from lesser opponents, you’ll have to “get gud” and defeat that monster in order to progress. A New Game Plus option is available if you want an even greater challenge. It not only raises the health and strength of the bosses while lowering your numbers, but it also adds new fighting techniques to the opponents so you can’t muscle remember your way through them again. Eldest Souls is for you if you like boss rush games and are a masochist who enjoys being hammered.


The pixel graphics approach is well-handled, with a lot of detail in the surroundings. The boss designs are eye-catching and intimidating.

With three distinct skill trees that all promote various playstyles, the combat offers a surprising amount of complexity. You must be defensive but never turtle up because of the mechanisms in place.

The sound design is precisely what I was hoping for. Nothing truly wowed me, but it all made sense in the context of the game. Between battles, it’s extremely quiet, with boss music coming on when it’s required.

Eldest Souls is a challenging boss rush game with a shockingly complex fighting system that depends on precision timing and aggressiveness. I never thought it was unfair, but this is a game for masochists.

Final Score: 8.5

Eldest Souls is currently available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

On the Xbox Series X, the game was reviewed.

The publisher supplied me with a copy of Eldest Souls.

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The eldest souls game pass is a new game that has been released on the Google Play Store. Eldest Souls is an RPG with beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eldest Souls worth it?

I am not sure, you can try it out for yourself.

How much will eldest souls cost?

The eldest souls will be available for $9.99 USD or €9.99 EURO, which is the same price as the game itself.

How many bosses are in eldest souls?

There are 10 bosses in the game.

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