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Report: Half-Life 3 Is Not in Development, Valve Focusing on Steam Deck Instead

Half-Life 3 hasn’t been in development for the past seven years. In an interview, Valve CEO Gabe Newell says they’re focusing on Steam instead of their iconic FPS franchise. The company is also letting go of three employees and restructuring its management team, a move that some hope will revitalize cultural change at the massive game studio.

The “half-life 3” is a game that has been rumored for quite some time. It was speculated that it would be released by Valve, but the company has stated that they are not working on the game. The report also states that Valve is focusing on their Steam Deck instead of half-life 3.

Report: Half-Life 3 Is Not in Development, Valve Focusing on Steam Deck Instead

Report-Half-Life-3-Is-Not-in-Development-Valve-Focusing-onImage courtesy of Valve

Valve News Network’s Tyler McVicker has released fresh information from his sources indicating that there would be no Half-Life 3 or any follow-up to 2007’s Half-Life 2: Episode Two being created at Valve. Valve is more interested in concentrating all of its resources on the Steam Deck, the highly anticipated mobile gaming PC, according to McVicker, who has established a reputation for himself by leaking different Valve projects over the years. Even if a Half-life 3 project was being explored by a small group of Valve developers, McVicker believes it would be voted down by management.


“To get the major question out of the way, is there a real sequel to Half-Life 2: Episode Two in the works at Valve Software in any capacity?” “What is Next for Gordon Freeman – The State of Half-Life?” McVicker wonders in his latest video.

“For those who haven’t played Half-Life Alyx extensively, the ending hints to the continuation of Gordon Freeman’s journey.”

“The problem is that there isn’t a significant development team working on anything outside of the few bits of software that are properly customized for hardware right now,” says the author.

“Valve is attempting to get the Steam Deck out, and as many people have seen, the Steam Deck has been much more popular than expected, so Valve is pouring everything at it.”

“At Valve, any form of classic mouse and keyboard FPS is not taking place, [and] if it is, it’s a very tiny number of people who will not be recognized as value-generating by the higher-ups.”

However, Valve is claimed to be working on a parallel project called Citadel for the Steam Deck. Citadel is an FPS/RTS set in the Half-Life universe, according to McVicker.

“Valve is developing on a piece of software called Citadel to best demonstrate what the Steam Deck can accomplish,” McVicker added.

“This is a nostalgia trip; it’s a Half-Life-inspired FPS/RTS combination with cooperative gameplay. Consider the offspring of Left 4 Dead and Alien Swarm, as well as RTS and Half-Life.”

The Half-Life series has remained essentially inactive until Half-Life: Alyx, which was released specifically for VR headsets on March 23, 2020. Half-Life fans are still demanding for a conventional title starring Gordon Freeman, despite the game’s excellent response.

Tyler McVicker is the author of this article (via VGC)

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