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Modern MMORPGs Too Easy?: Try Eve Online

The age-old debate about the difficulty of MMORPGs has been going on for many decades. With a seemingly common consensus that MMOs have become too easy, this article examines how Eve Online is still one of the most difficult games in existence.

The “elyon vs new world” is a discussion that has been going on for a while. The topic of the discussion is whether or not modern MMORPGs are too easy and should be made more difficult.

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You’ll see a lot of postings in this section. MMORPG - Modern MMORPGs Too Easy?: Try Eve Online

Users argue that MMORPGs are currently too simple, particularly throughout the early game/leveling phase, on the subreddit r/MMORPG. I agree with every single one of you that makes this assertion.

I came up with virtually nothing1 after doing significant study (playing approximately 12x MMORPGs) into what MMORPGs are available now and what may be deemed “tough gameplay” within them.

This isn’t meant to be a criticism of current MMORPGs. Some of them are really successful, and they approach the early game or leveling process with a laid-back attitude. For many gamers, this is a positive thing. And yeah, some nights all I want to do is press buttons and level up in Guild Wars 2’s PvE mode. It has a purpose.


If you’re looking for a challenge, though, I’d suggest Eve Online. I had no intention of returning to this game, but it is the only MMORPG that meets my criteria for rigorous game play.

I’m going to try to explain some of Eve’s characteristics and absolutely fail. This game has a lot to offer. Its intricacy is really unique, prompting several posts asking, “Is There A Game Like Eve?” to which the honest response is, “No.”


If you die in Eve, you lose your spacecraft and all of its cargo.

If it seems harsh, don’t worry; because to the penalties imposed on players that engage in PvP, there are sections of space where PvP nearly never happens. Depending on where you create your home in space, you may pick how probable you want PvP to be (there is high security space, low security space, and no security space, plus private instances).

Even when you are blindly clearing some PvE ships that you are well-equipped for, there is always something at stake in Eve. At the very least, you must be careful not to explode, as you will lose a lot of in-game money replacing that ship! However, depending on the sort of material you want to undertake in that gaming session, you may reduce the intensity.


Eve’s economy is the greatest I’ve ever seen in a multiplayer online role-playing game. Eve’s markets have their own podcasts, newspapers, Twitch Streams, and so on. Almost all of the goods in the game are created by players, and there are individuals who are pure crafters (referred to as “industrialists”) who created every component on every spacecraft, even the ship itself. It’s an anarcho-capitalist nightmare that’s a lot of fun!

In Eve, the skilling system is a bit weird. I thought it was stupid at first, but after some consideration, I really enjoy it. As time passes in Eve, you improve your skills and train for different ships/activities like as mining, exploration, PvE, and so forth. You do not get skill points by repeatedly doing the same action, such as mining and gaining experience in your mining talents. In some ways, this is an advantage, since spending less time than someone else doesn’t imply you’re underleveled, and it puts an end to the absurd preoccupation with having zero downtime in the game and constantly being “experience efficient.” This makes being sociable, forming groups with other players, and playing in the sandbox more pleasurable since you aren’t losing out on levels or having to grind sub-optimal material for your level. This skill system fits in well with Eve’s ecology and works well with the game’s open-ended nature. Also, the mythology of Eve adequately explains the skilling system such that it does not detract from the immersion in any way.


Eve isn’t as suitable for a pure single player because of all of the intricacy and diversity of missions available. In this game, there is no way to do something genuinely huge on your own. The scope of Eve is enormous, and you are neither a savior or a hero capable of overthrowing an entire Empire. Solo PvPers, solo PvEers, solo miners, and pretty much anything else exist. Eve isn’t for you if you want to remove the “MM” out of “MMORPG.” Although joining a player corporation (like a guild in Eve) isn’t required, I would argue that you haven’t really experienced Eve until you’ve tried corp-life.

Eve is available for free to trial, but requires a monthly membership. Although it is marketed as free-to-play, Alpha accounts (free accounts) are severely restricted in their long-term capabilities. However, it is sufficient to determine if you will like the game enough to attempt a month’s subscription. If you persist with the game long enough, you’ll eventually become a subscriber. I would argue that it isn’t free-to-play for these reasons.

Some players may find the cash store to be bothersome since it allows them to buy in-game currency with real money. However, in-game currency (ISK) is almost meaningless unless you know how to utilize it effectively, and even then, generating money at a decent hourly rate isn’t difficult. Many others do the opposite and pay for their membership with in-game currency, so it works both ways.


In conclusion, if you believe MMORPGs are too simple, you should try Eve. It’s a challenging, large, and impossible-to-master game. It’s possible that it’s exactly what many folks in this sub are seeking for!

TLDR: I recently tried roughly 12 MMORPGs in search of a challenging game. I came up with virtually nothing. Eve Online was the only MMORPG that both satisfied the craving and was challenging. It’s something I suggest to those who have complained that MMORPGs are too simple on this forum.


1 Oddly enough, Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online were the only other two “tough MMORPGs” that I was actually interested in since they let the user to employ difficulty scaling in the game. However, since these services are partially concealed behind a paywall, it’s a buyer beware situation and a matter of personal choice. Albion Online may be deserving of a mention here since certain in-game locations are challenging, and many people say that Albion Online is a medieval/simplified version of Eve Online.

If you wish to join Eve Online and utilize my referral code, go to https://www.eveonline.com/signup?invc=7f8c3211-ce23-4a52-bd87-62eac3ac1ba2. If you don’t want to use mine for whatever reason, you may acquire 1,000,000 skill points for free by using anyone’s promo code (you can find these links in any Eve YouTuber’s video). Unless you spend money in the game, the person who gave you the code receives nothing. All of the information about the referral program may be found here.

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Eve Online is a game that has been around since 2003. It’s an MMORPG that was released before the modern day games were popularized. This game is very challenging, and it will take you awhile to get used to the combat system. Reference: dragon mmo.

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