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How To Unlock Min Min In Smash Ultimate?

The pink puffball known as Min-Min was one of the first characters introduced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and a lot is expected from him. Some have already unlocked him, but others are still on their way to discovering his secrets.

What does Misango mask do?

The Misango mask is a mask that has the power to make you invisible. It can be used in many ways, such as sneaking around without being seen or becoming an invisible assassin.

How do you use Min Min Dragon laser?

To use the Min Min Dragon laser, you must first charge it up. You can do this by holding down the trigger button on your controller and then pressing the touchpad to activate the laser.

How do you stop Min Min?

Min Min is a character in the game that will stop you from progressing if he catches up to you. To avoid this, try not to let him catch up to you and keep moving!