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How to Make Dye in New World

The new frontier of gaming is in the realm of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. Think about how you would create a game that takes place in a world where you can dye your clothes any color you want, or perhaps one where you are an animal with the ability to change colors at will.

Dyeing armor in New World is a process that can be done by using two different types of dye. One type of dye is obtained from the game, while the other is bought from a merchant.

How to Make Dye in New World

Back in ancient times, the first Joe Schmoe to develop color theory had to be quite the visionary. I’d probably simply have to wash a cycle of laundry if I ground up a bunch of colorful plants and put them over my clothing. However, in the era of leather armor, you have to pull your colors from anywhere you can if you want to appear distinctive and snappy. So, here’s how you manufacture dye in the New World.

While pre-made dye may be purchased from Trading Posts or the in-game shop, it is seldom the most cost-effective option. Making your own colors from the different pigments you may collect around the game world is a better choice. The vividly colored Prismablooms, as well as some types of fungi, may be harvested for 12 distinct primary color pigments. Raw pigments are also given as a prize for completing certain missions. To turn a pigment into a useful dye, utilize your Cooking skill from your inventory. 

In the New World, How to Make Dye

To manufacture dye in the New World, follow these steps:

  1. Prismablooms and fungi provide pigments.
  2. In a Kitchen or Cooking Station, combine and process the pigments into dyes.
  3. Color armor and furnishings using dyes from your inventory.

When there are only 12 basic pigment colors, you may mix more than one of them at a time while cooking them, resulting in a rainbow of dye possibilities. Once you have dye, you may use it to alter the color of your armor. You may also use dye to alter the color of specific pieces of furniture, and some furniture even contains dye as part of its manufacture, so having a few pouches on hand is always a good idea.

Where can I get pigments in the New World?

Pigments are made from a variety of Prismabloom and fungi that may be found all throughout the New World. Here are the twelve different kinds of pigments and the fungus that they may be found in:

  • Prismabloom – Prismabloom – Prismabloom – Prismabloom – P
  • Blue Prismabloom, Tanglewisp, and Toadpot are examples of blue pigments.
  • Brown Prismabloom, Bumbleblossom, and Slimy Twistcap are all brown pigments.
  • Cyan Prismabloom – Cyan Pigment
  • Green Prismabloom, Fronded Petalcap, Spinecap Pigment
  • Tendrilspine Magenta Pigment, Magenta Prismabloom
  • Warm Platecap, Orange Pigment – Orange Prismabloom
  • Purple Prismabloom, Weeping Shellbed, Purple Pigment
  • Red Prismabloom, Corrupted Bloodspore, Red Pigment
  • Turquoise Prismabloom – Turquoise Pigment
  • White Pigment – Cascaded Gillflower, White Prismabloom
  • Suncreeper, Yellow Prismabloom, Yellow Pigment

To discover where particular hues are found on the globe, go to the interactive New World map and search for Prismabloom. Unfortunately, there is no optimal place to farm them since they are equally distributed across Aeternum in various zones.

In the kitchen or at the cooking station, you may make dyes.

In New World, dye is produced in a Kitchen or Cooking Station, and creating it gives you Cooking XP. Each color needs 3 gallons of water and a mixture of two pigments. Basic colors may be made in a Tier 2 kitchen, while higher-tier unique dyes will need a high degree of culinary ability and a Tier 4 kitchen.

New World - How to Craft Dye

In the New World, how do you apply dye?

You may finally add dye to your armor after creating or acquiring it via other methods. Locate the dye in your inventory, click it to bring up the menu, and then choose the dye option. This brings up the Dye Equated Armor screen, where you may apply the dye to specific armor parts. 

How to Apply Dye in New World

For your equipment, you may choose from a variety of main, secondary, accent, and tint colors. This opens up a lot of possibilities for character customisation and distinctive appearances.

The new world fungus is a type of mushroom that can be used to make dye in New World.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Dye created?

Dye is created by combining two different colors of paint.

How do you get new dye in Minecraft?

You can craft it by combining two different dye colors.

How much does it cost to make dye?

It is difficult to answer this question as it varies from person to person.

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