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How to complete The Elder’s Scroll in Aragami 2

Aragami 2 is a stealth-action game where you play as an ancient assassin who must use supernatural skills to take down powerful monsters. The Elder’s Scroll is the first major side quest in the game, and it can be completed by following these steps.

The aragami all scrolls chapter 3 is the third chapter of the game. It is a story-driven quest that takes players through a gothic cityscape and requires them to explore and solve puzzles in order to progress.

After finishing the tutorial, you will be given The Elder’s Scroll as your first assignment. There are no instructional pop-ups or severe rail-roading as a result. Players who are unfamiliar with stealth games or who are unfamiliar with Aragami 2’s stealth features may need assistance in completing the game’s initial goal.

The Elder’s Scroll task rewards you with 100 XP and 50 money. There are three mysteries hidden on this map, so don’t worry if you’re new to these kinds of games. You can always go back to search for secrets after you’ve improved your equipment and gained more experience.

Getting started

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The player begins the quest by gazing out over a route that is led by a bridge. A dock-like area with several opponents may be found to the right of the tunnel. As you go ahead, you’ll see some grass to your left, but ignore it for now. The initial goal is to listen in on an enemy discussion at the dock to the right. To go to the longest building in this section of the map, use shadow teleport. Two adversaries face each other from the building, with a third roaming the surroundings in a circle. Return to the route off to the left of the bridge after listening in on the discussion.

Follow this route to the topmost platform, which is facing the stage’s next section. An adversary will be roaming the ground underneath you by the time you reach this platform. As you make your way to the next location, take it out to remove the chance of being seen. Following the grass behind the tiny structure and shadow leaping to the low fence off to the side of the hill linking to the next section after taking down the adversary.

Being cautious

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This is the first of many hazardous opponent placements during your Aragami 2 adventure. One guard stands just in front of the ledge, while another patrols the area. Keep a careful eye on how long the guard takes to circle the area. They turn around, knock out the guard on the ledge, and then climb up. You’ll have enough time to bury the corpse next to him in the grass. Instead of killing the adversary, the player character throws the corpse to the ground below.

Here, the road splits into two branches. Shadow teleport over the tents to the left fork, then leap onto the bridge, since the other guard will still be patrolling. You’re heading the wrong direction if you’re facing the enemy patrolling the bridge. The scroll you need to grasp is facing the wrong way.

Getting hold of the scroll

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Three adversaries protect the scroll, two of them are on continuous patrol. The third foe does nothing except stand there, looking away from the scroll. It seems frightening at first glance, but it is much more stressful than it appears. Move to the grass behind the structure that houses the scroll so that you may start as near as possible to it. The patrolling foes move in lockstep, rotating around at approximately the same moment. Grab the scroll and leave once both of their backs are turned. If you’re afraid, returning to the grass after getting the scroll is a good safety net.

Return to the bridge from a minute ago once the coast is clear. Because of the path’s narrowness, it’s best to eliminate the opponent first. You may wait for the perfect moment to strike on the grass next to the walkway or on the arches above the bridge.

Follow the route until you reach the left-hand incomplete building. Use the ledges to shadow jump to the ground, returning you to the platform in the beginning area that you used as a vantage point to take out the first opponent. Return to the stage’s starting location at the start of the bridge route from here.

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You’ve just completed Aragami 2’s first actual assignment. As an additional bonus, if you opted to knock out rather than kill the opponents listed above, this method should have earned you an S-ranking.

In the aragami scroll locations chapter 1 I will show you how to complete The Elder’s Scroll in Aragami 2.

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