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Fortnite player’s mum turned pro herself

Are you ready for this? The Fortnite player who was caught cheating in the game has revealed where his mum came from. The player, who is also a Fortnite streamer, was caught using a key to get an item in the Battle Royale mode of the game. But the player’s mother, who is also a Fortnite streamer, revealed that their methods to play the game were different.

When popular Fortnite streamer and YouTuber, Tfue, became a mum after the birth of his second child with his wife, Olivia, he promised his wife he would play Fortnite with her. And in a rather surprising move, she then decided to turn pro in the game and became “Tfue’s mum,” in a cheeky nod to her son, Tfue.

When you think of gamers and their parents, most likely you’re picturing a dad and his 12-year-old son playing Call of Duty and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 data in an evening, or perhaps a mom who spends so much time with her boys playing video games that she doesn’t have time for her own hobbies. But when you think of Fortnite player’s mum turned pro herself, you probably imagine a woman in her 40s whose fortnite account got her a job as a Fortnite coach.

The mother of one of the best professional Fortnite players in the world has secured a deal with a gaming company to further her career. Her greatest goal is to be a mother to her boy when she grows up.


Anne Fish, 58, has been managing her son Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish since he became pro three years ago. According to the British gamer, his mother began playing the game in February to help him improve his perception abilities. She soon amassed a sizable online following and was offered a compensated contract with an esports organization.

“I never imagined I’d play Fortnite, much alone broadcast it live or be in a situation where an organization would sign me, so that’s inspiring,” the mother added. Anne broadcasts her game to her 430,000 Twitch followers and uploads footage of her bouts to her 165,000 YouTube subscribers.




“A million is the next step,” she adds, speaking from the same room where she broadcasts to her admirers and displays her collection of owls, plush animals, and teddy bears, as well as a gleaming 100,000 YouTube subscribers. Anne currently gets a monthly income from Galaxy Racer, an esports and gaming influencer organization based in Sunbury-on-Thames.

Anne will now get paid for recordings of her playing and chatting to fans on different social media networks, but no contract terms have been disclosed. Anne claims she hasn’t picked up a controller since around 15 years ago, when she was playing Fortnite on her elder son’s Nintendo 64.

“At first, I was awful. “I simply walked around and hid from other gamers to avoid being killed,” the mother explains. “Slowly, but steadily, I began to improve. Because my reflexes aren’t as quick as younger players’, I need to improve my strategy. I thought it’d be fun to see if I could make it to the championship division as a single player, and I did. I’ve competed in a number of tournaments, but I have yet to win any cash prizes, and I still have a long way to go, but I’m trying,” he confidently declares.




Paul Roy, the CEO of Galaxy Racer, revealed why the business chose the name “mamabenjyfishy.” “We are proud to welcome Anne to the Galaxy Racer family, having demonstrated her Fortnite prowess at our most recent tournament, The Aubameyang Cup, her years of experience in the industry, including managing Benjyfishy, and our shared passion for cultivating greater inclusivity within gaming and esports.”

Anne’s son Benjy thinks his mother’s new job as a professional gamer is “quite weird.” “I mean, it’s strange because I’ve always wanted to be a gamer, and the idea that my mother is now a professional game broadcaster is really crazy. That is something I would never have predicted three years ago. I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that,” he confessed.


fortnite_mama 2


Several sources have Benjyfishy rated among the top ten players in the world, and he was one of just a few British players to qualify for the 2019 Fortnite World Championship in New York. He claims he’s offered his mother a few pointers but mainly “let her do her own thing” in the next room, where he competes in high-level tournaments for tens of thousands of pounds in prize money.

Anne says she aspires to be skilled enough to fight her son in the ring one day, but admits it’s a big order even for her. “It’d be awesome to compete against him in a world championship or something, but there’s such a difference between Benjy and myself that I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to compete at that level. But I’m going to try,” the experienced actress said, laughing.

BBC News is the source of this information.

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