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All 16 new villagers, ranked – Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0.0 Update

The latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update brings a lot of new features and a handful of exciting additions to the game. While we’re still waiting on some other major updates, here’s our ranking for all 16 new villagers.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a life simulation game that revolves around the lives of anthropomorphic animals. This time, Nintendo has released 16 new villagers to go along with their already large cast of characters. Fans have taken an interesting approach to ranking these individuals in order from favorite-to-least favorites.Animal Crossing, despite having 15 years of history under its belt, is still one of the most popular franchises in gaming. Nintendo recently released a new game for the franchise titled Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 which introduced all 16 newcomers to fans who’ve played throughout the series’.

The “new animal crossing villagers 2021” is a list of the 16 new villagers that were added in the 2.0.0 update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The ranking will be based on how many days they have been playable.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0.0 update included a slew of new features, including 16 new residents to locate and place on players’ islands. Players are on the lookout for these new villages now that they’ve been added to the game. So, which residents on your island are worth having?

16. Exasperate the dog

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Frett isn’t particularly unusual, even if we adore dogs. He also has a grumpy demeanor, which makes him difficult to work with.

15. The rhinoceros Azalea

1637196563_716_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Azalea is crazy about flowers and nature, if her name didn’t already tell you that. As a result, her entire look may appeal to some. However, in comparison to the many other rhinos currently in the game, we consider she seems to be somewhat uninteresting.

14. The aligator Roswell

1637196564_556_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Roswell has a distinctive design, since other alligator patterns consist of polka dots or a little pattern that is a slightly deeper shade of the base color. In a nice sense, his pattern makes him stand out like a sore thumb.

13. The bird is aced

1637196566_761_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Ace is one of the several characters who returns from a previous installment of the series. He’s a jock, and given his extended absence from Animal Crossing, it’s possible that gamers have already forgotten about him and gone on to another jock.

Rio, the ostrich, is number twelve.

1637196567_486_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Rio is a character from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. While her upbeat demeanor adds vitality to an island, her appearance is significant among players. She’s either attractive and vibrant to some, or she’s a touch too much for others.

Zoe, the anteater, is number eleven.

1637196569_419_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Zoe is a competent villager. She’s a returning villager that certain first-game fans would like to welcome to their island. However, some anteaters, such as Antonio or Pango, have greater personality.

Ione the squirrel is number ten.

1637196570_399_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Ione is ranked tenth because, despite her beauty, she has a typical demeanor. So she doesn’t have anything going for her and doesn’t stick out among the other candidates on the list.

Chabwick the penguin is number nine.

1637196571_145_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Chabwick is a sluggish penguin with a laid-back appearance that we think gamers will like. He’ll be right at home with anybody searching for a bro to share ice cream with.

Quinn the bird is number eight.

1637196573_260_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Quinn is a brand-new character in the series. Quinn has the Sisterly personality, although she pales in comparison to the other villagers available in the game.

Marlo the hamster is number seven.

1637196574_166_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Hamsters are notoriously hit-or-miss among Animal Crossing players. Marlo’s mafia outfit adds something unique to the table, despite the fact that he isn’t attractive.

Tiansheng the monkey is number six.

1637196575_255_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Tiansheng is a great-looking peasant with a lot of thought put into him, based on Sun Wukong from the book Journey to the West. He also enjoys working out, which is in keeping with the warrior he is modeled on. He’s an excellent choice for any gamer looking for a jock to have on their island.

5. The octopus Cephalobot

1637196576_224_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Cephalobot distinguishes out because to his distinct appearance. He’s a robot with bright eyes and visible bolts and vents all over his body, so there’s no mistake he’s the genuine deal.

Petri the mouse is number four.

1637196578_769_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Petri’s snobbish demeanor is compensated by by her adorable scientific costume and enthusiasm for the profession.

Shino the deer is number three.

1637196579_942_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Shino is a stunning young lady. She is both lovely and mysterious. Her name and physical look are inspired by Japanese theater. According to community members, her appearance is modeled by the hannya masks used by female demons in Noh Japanese drama.

2. Have faith in the koala

1637196581_447_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

Faith, the famous character from the original Animal Crossing game for the GameCube, is back. She now has the Sisterly personality, which means she is concerned about the player yet may be rude when necessary. She’s dressed in a gorgeous tropical costume that matches her “aloha” expression wonderfully.

Sasha the bunny is number one.

1637196582_451_All-16-new-villagers-ranked-%E2%80%93-Animal-Crossing-New-HorizonsImage courtesy of Nintendo

From the 2.0.0 release, Sasha is the best villager. What puts this charming bunny at the top of our list is how he defies the stereotypes of male villager behavior. Sasha is a fashionista, something we haven’t seen in a male villager previously. It demonstrates that men, like women, can enjoy fashion and groom themselves.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that has been released on the Nintendo Switch, 3DS and mobile devices. The latest update for the game added 16 new villagers to the game, which have been ranked. Reference: acnh 2.0 new villagers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest villager personality in Animal Crossing?


Who is the best villager in New Horizons?

A: That is difficult to answer, because there are many different villager types in New Horizons.

What are the rarest starting villagers in Animal Crossing?

A: If you are looking for the rarest starting villagers, then look no further than Lillie from Animal Crossing. Shes a special one to have as it is not possible to get her without trading with someone else or completing a specific task in-game that sends your game into an endless night. The only way she appears is if players complete this event and therefore making her very rare indeed!

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