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Age of Empires 4 Balance Patch Notes November 29th

The Age of Empires 4 Balance Patch has been released which will help to ensure the game is more even and competitive.

The “age of empire” is a strategy game that was released in 1997. On November 29th, the developers released a patch for the game. The patch notes can be found on their website at https://www.ageofempires4.com/en/game-updates/.

Age-of-Empires-4-Balance-Patch-Notes-November-29th Notes on the November 29th Balance Patch for Age of Empires 4

With this update, the Relic studio included a slew of new features, making it the most comprehensive patch we’ve seen since the introduction of AoE4. A few important feature improvements and adjustments were made in response to early community input, as well as bug patches and exploits that were largely discussed on the forums and reddit. The November 29th patch (update 8324) also includes a slew of balancing adjustments, including a nerf for the formidable French and the full destruction of Delhi. Horseman’s health was significantly lowered, and the Chinese noticed a bonus to the Nest of Bees. If you want to learn more about the Age of Empires 4 November 29th patch, stay reading since all of the details are included below.


  • We’ve decided to offer the opportunity to activate in-game player scores for those who want them, based on community input. We recognize that enabling this feature may alter the way you play the game, therefore we want to give you the power to make that decision for yourself. Starting today, you’ll be able to activate in-game player score for custom lobby multiplayer and skirmish matches on a match-by-match basis.
    • HERE is a FAQ on how to activate in-game player scoring.
  • You’ve requested the opportunity to inspect the map after a match, and we’ve started making adjustments to enable you to do so. After completing your game, you’ll be able to look across the map and get a better glimpse of all players’ plans thanks to this newest update.
    • Please be aware that hitting the “Continue” button will take you to the post-game statistics page, from which you will be unable to return to the map. In Spring 2022, we’ll provide options to enable you to quickly flip between the finished map view and post-game statistics.
  • The mini-map has received comments that it is difficult to follow at a glance. We’ve made a number of improvements to improve readability, including the ones listed below. As usual, we’d love to hear from you once you’ve given these updates some thought:
    • The size of the icons has been considerably decreased.
    • The new wonder symbol corresponds to the HUD goals icon.
    • The Primary Town Center has grown in size in comparison to Landmarks.
    • Even when the camera and map are adjusted, the deer indicator looks smaller and does not obscure other resource spots.
    • Small gold deposit icons are similar to big gold deposit symbols, but they may be distinguished on the mini-map.
    • The color of the relic icons has changed to gold.
    • The color of the fish symbols has been changed to a somewhat blue hue.
    • Fish symbols are no longer visible in shallow streams, although they are still visible in deep water.
    • Fish symbols are not shown on the mini map with fish present in rivers such as Spires of Antiquity, The Danube is a river in Europe., Confluence, and Mongolian Mountains.
    • Fish symbols are retained in deep water regions on maps with bigger bodies of water.
  • The Chinese Dynasty button and user interface have been relocated to a less prominent location on the screen. It’s now located in the bottom left-hand corner, closer to the area where you make additional choices.
  • Adjustments to Garrison behavior have been made to better put you in control of decision-making while still ensuring that your economy remains as efficient as possible. You may disable 1-click Garrison, which means your villagers will no longer load into a hold upon right-clicking, but will instead need to be called to safety via the command card icon. In addition, when you ungarrison villagers, they will react to rally points and return to work right away.
  • In Campaign mode, we’ve included additional choices that will enable you to quickly return to the game and try out a different approach. Rather than returning to the Main Menu to pick a save game file, you may now select “Load Saved Game” from the Mission “Fail Screen.”
  • This release has a few enhancements in terms of selection. Trees, animal carcasses, sheep, partly depleted deep fish swarms, and Relics should be simpler to choose with this version. We’d appreciate your further input on these enhancements and general choices.
  • Rather of a unit count, the population panel now shows exhausted and remaining population space. This modification should help you account for siege and naval troops that count as several units more accurately.


Civilizations of the World

Units of the Core

  • Bonus damage for Spearman (all levels) against Cavalry has been raised from 3x to 3.5x.
    • Bonus damage from Rank I Spearman 12 > 15
    • Damage bonus of Rank II Spearman 16 > 20
    • Bonus damage of Rank III Spearman 18 > 23
    • Bonus damage of Rank IV Spearman 22 > 28
  • Crossbowman additional damage against the Heavy class has been raised from 6 to 9 points.
  • The Elite Crossbowman’s additional damage against the Heavy class has been boosted from 8 to 11 points.
  • Ranged armor for horsemen (all ranks) has been upgraded from 0 to 1.
  • The health of the early Horsemen was decreased from 125 to 100.
  • The health of the horseman has dropped from 155 to 125.
  • The health of the veteran horseman has dropped from 190 to 155.
  • The health of Elite Horseman has been decreased from 225 to 180.
  • Damage from handcannons has been lowered from 42 to 35.
  • The speed of the battering ram has been lowered from 3.5 to 3.
  • The health of the Battling Ram has been decreased from 900 to 700.
  • The cost of a Battering Ram population has been cut from three to one.
  • The ranged armor of the Battering Ram has been boosted from 15 to 30.
  • The time it takes for a Mangonel weapon to reload has been lowered from 8.75 seconds to 6.75 seconds.
  • The area-of-effect geometry of Mangonel weapons was altered from 180 to 360 degrees.
  • The fire armor of Ribauldequin has been upgraded from 0 to 10.
  • The ranged armor of Ribauldequin has been decreased from 2 to 0.


  • The price of wood for fishing boats has risen from $60 to $75.
  • The additional damage of the Arrow Ship against the Incendiary class has been raised from 0 to 2x.

Upgrades and Core Buildings

  • Arrowslit Outpost The range of garrison arrow weapons has been increased from 6 to 8 as a result of placement.
  • The health and damage enhancements of Elite Army Tactics tech have been boosted from 10% to 20%.
  • The Elite Rank technology research period has been decreased from 90 to 60 seconds for all units.


Dynasty of the Abbasids

  • The House of Wisdom’s Phalanx technology was transferred to the Barracks.
  • From the House of Wisdom to the Archery Range, composite bow technology has advanced.
  • The technology for handling camels was transferred from the House of Wisdom to the Blacksmith.


  • The cooldown of the Official’s Tax Collection ability has been decreased from 30 to 15 seconds.
  • The cost of food for Zhuge Nu (all levels) has been cut from 60 to 20.
  • The health of Zhuge Nu was decreased from 90 to 70.
  • Zhuge Nu’s health has dropped from 110 to 80.
  • The health of Elite Zhuge Nu has been decreased from 130 to 95.
  • The training period for Zhuge Nu (all levels) has been lowered from 22 to 15 seconds.
  • The pace of the nest of bees has grown from 2.5 to 3.75.
  • The minimum range of a Nest of Bees weapon has been raised from 2.5 to 3 meters.
  • The health of the beehives was lowered from 240 to 200.
  • The training period for the Nest of Bees has been lowered from 45 to 40 seconds.
  • The number of bees in the nest has climbed from eight to ten.
  • The Siege Workshop’s pyrotechnics technology was transferred to the University.

Sultanate of Delhi

  • Age requirement for sanctity technology raised from Dark to Feudal.
  • The Scholar Research mechanism has been tweaked to align with the civilisation’s realistic chances of producing scholars; early technology research timeframes have been cut, while later ones have been increased:
    • The research time multiplier for Dark Age technology has been lowered from 5x to 3x.
    • The research time multiplier for Feudal Age technology was lowered from 5x to 3.5x.
    • The research times for Castle Age technologies have remained fixed at 5x.
    • The research time multiplier for Imperial Age technology increases from 5x to 15x.


  • The Setup Camp ability of the Longbowman will now deactivate if the Longbowman enters battle.


  • French Hulk’s armor has been reduced from 6 to 2.

Empire of the Empire of the Holy Roman Empire

  • The cooldown time for the Emergency Repair influence ability has been extended from 45 to 60 seconds.


  • Landmarks may now pack and unpack when the populace is at its peak.
  • Food and money loot from Raid Bounty have been lowered from 100 to 75 percent.
    • Raid Bounty’s food and money loot have been lowered from 125 to 100.
  • Siege class troops are no longer affected by Khan’s Attack Speed Arrow ability.


  • The technique of Boyars Fortitude was transferred from the Stables to the Blacksmith.
  • Activating a role switch on a Lodya ship now results in a 50% movement speed penalty until the changeover is completed.
  • The cost of Lodya Fishing Boat role switch wood has risen by 25%. (per role)

Specific Changes on a Map

Ancient Spires

  • To accommodate for the lengthier unit travel durations on bigger maps, player spawn spots have been shifted closer to the center.
  • The spawning for Sacred Sites have been adjusted. Along the major east-west axis, Ancient Spires currently has two Sacred Sites. Along this middle line, the locations are spaced one half-map width apart.


Players spawning on islands without any starting resources (Mongol island players, we hear you!) have been observed, and we’ve determined that this is due to players spawning too close to coastlines, which severely limits our distribution system’s ability to find a spot for the set of standard resource deposits.

  • We’ve updated our spawn algorithm to include a phase that recalculates island real estate after each player is deployed in order to locate the center island point and place the player there. This helps to guarantee that the distribution system has the maximum room possible, and it also eliminates the issue of certain players’ capital TC being put in a vulnerable position.
  • We’ve also increased the spawn priority on initial stone deposits as a precaution to guarantee that all resource kinds are accessible as intended.

Forest of the Black

  • The amount of fish in the initial lakes was evenly distributed over the map. There should be 5 beach fish and 3 deep water fish in each lake.
  • To supply nearby, short-term wood for collection and to make the map seem more “forest-y,” we included a significant number of solitary trees in each player’s beginning region.
  • For multi-team (>2) games, we changed the spawn sites of trading posts. The map used to attempt to identify a position on the map that was far away from the average team locations. However, in some arrangements, this might result in a trading post spawning behind certain teams. The Black Forest trading post will now spawn in the map’s middle, providing all teams approximately equal access.
  • The Sacred Sites were demolished and enormous gold mines were built in their stead. We discovered via playtesting that without the Sacred Sites win condition, the map plays closer to the gameplay goal of Black Forest, and the gold revenue supplied by the sites was strengthened by the extra huge deposits that replaced them. Note that activating just Sacred Win on this map will cause the match to finish in Annihilation if all other victory conditions are disabled. We’re looking on methods to make this more visible in the match setup page, but the gameplay effect was significant enough that we wanted to get in as soon as possible. Please let us know what you think of this modification!

Boulder Bay is located in the state of Colorado.

  • To better emphasize its identity as a hybrid land/water map, starting resources have been tweaked to be lower than complete naval maps but still more than conventional land maps.
  • To reduce imbalanced naval hazard, spawn locations have been tweaked to position players farther away from beaches.


  • In bigger, multiteam games, spawn placements have been modified so that members of opposing teams do not spawn in the same quadrant in most circumstances.
  • Crossing spawning has been more reliable.

Danube River

We believed that the version of the map that was provided led in a large number of uneven spawns, where players and teams might spawn on a smaller portion of the map or have limited access to resources and Sacred Sites.

  • We redesigned this map’s structure to make the generating settings more consistent and balanced.
  • The graphic of the map layout in the lobby has also been modified to reflect the new arrangement.
  • The new Danube River is a U-shaped river with stealth woods, one of the Sacred Sites, and a trading station, making it a crucial location to contend with. The second Sacred Site will spawn on the map’s west edge, on a cliff.
    • We’d love to hear what you think of the new design! Please post your comments on the forums.

Passport to France

  • We lowered the erosion multiplier to remove the possibility of impasse tunnels running across the middle valley, which would restrict construction space and clutter the map.

Dale and Hill

  • Trade posts (2) now spawn perfectly opposite one another along the map’s border. As a result, if one spawns on the north-east edge, the second will spawn on the south-west edge.
  • The number of significant core resource reserves has been decreased somewhat (approximately 2 per map size were removed).

The throne of the hill

  • Around the initial TCs, we placed three individual trees that were missing.


  • To accommodate for the lengthier unit travel durations on bigger maps, player spawn spots have been shifted closer to the center.

Mongolian Heights

  • We corrected a rare problem in which players using the Random Positions option were generated too near to the river, possibly obliterating trading post and Sacred Site spawn places.
  • We boosted the quantity of river fish and enhanced their dispersion.
  • We altered the spawning of disputed sheep groups to spread them out and bring them closer to the map’s center.

Passage to the Mountains

  • The mountain opening’s spawning was tweaked, making it somewhat bigger and more reliable. This should avoid occasions when the siege opening is too tiny, the entrance is obstructed by trees, or the opening is not open at all, leaving the map half-covered in stalemate.


  • To avoid occurrences of imbalanced fish distribution, we increased the general number of fish on the map.
  • To ensure that central lake coastlines are no longer choked with trees that hinder dock installation, we altered tree and lake spawning.

Bug Fixes


  • For specified crash types, stability fixes have been implemented.
  • Unbuilt Stone Wall intersections may no longer be canceled to get a refund for extra stone.
  • Landmarks that were ruined in transportation may now be unpacked and restored thanks to the Mongols.
  • Relics can no longer be produced indefinitely by the Rus culture.
  • Hardest AI difficulty has had certain adjustments, such as responsiveness to Scout strikes.
  • Building placement has been tweaked to enable development closer to inaccessible locations such as hills, mountains, and map boundaries.
  • The “Stop” command is very important for naval and siege troops.
  • Long delays seen while auto-saving in campaign after creating a large number of save files have been much improved.
  • A handful of Landmarks have had repairs completed that did not involve the use of wood.
  • Spearmen will now brace themselves when attacking charging Cavalry.
  • The ungarrison button at the Dock has been adjusted so that the Warship construction button does not hide it.
  • Tower Elephant has been renamed after the Tower War Elephant (this was not changed in Update 8324)
  • The backdrop color of Siege Engineering field unit construction icons has been corrected.
  • Dock Technologies have been reorganized to better reflect the Age in which they are accessible for investigation.
  • To ensure consistency among civilizations, the dock technology buttons have been repositioned.
  • While attack-moving or gaining targets while idle, warships now fire with all guns.
  • When firing squarely at the front of a ship, warship cannons will now do damage.
  • After earning the Incendiary Arrows Technology, crossbowmen no longer receive +1 range.
  • When it comes to stone walls, they now have the right health value.
  • Land Traders are now recognized as Cavalry, as they should be.
  • Textiles Technology is currently accessible in Landmarks that serve as Town Centers.
  • Market trade exploit has been solved by prohibiting various markets from submitting multiple buy/sell instructions in a single click.
  • Buildings should no longer trample on berry bushes.
  • On river maps, we’ve replaced stone bridges with fords while we look into a problem where the AI couldn’t correctly pathfind over bridges; this doesn’t effect player units, but it does impair Coop versus AI or Skirmish battles.
  • To better mirror in-game behavior, some tooltip adjustments have been done.


Dynasty of the Abbasids

  • Camels are now properly armored thanks to Camel Barding.
  • The Scout is no longer visible in the Tech Tree under the Abbasid Siege Workshop.
  • Imams equipped with Faith technology are no longer able to convert enemy Religious Units.
  • Bonus resources are now generated appropriately by trade ships.
  • Tier 3 Golden Age now decreases the production time of all units, not just the first tier of each unit type, as it should.
  • Upgrades to Elite Army Tactics and Boot Camp will now stack appropriately.
  • The unique indication is now shown by House of Wisdom Technologies.
  • The base armor of the camel unit has been properly applied.
  • The Abbasid Military Wing’s symbol background color has been modified.
  • Armored Caravans do longer supply Siege armor, instead providing Ranged armor as it should be.
  • Archers’ attack speed is no longer increased by the Boot Camp improvement.
  • Stone collecting no longer receives a 100% benefit from Improved Processing.


  • Reload Drills Technology no longer grants higher attack speed than it should.
  • Keeps, Universities, and Blacksmiths may now be supervised by officials.
  • The Battle Hardened Technology symbol has been repositioned to match the Man-at-Arms icon.
  • Extra Materials-equipped towers will no longer be able to repair opponent walls.
  • Pyrotechnics Technology was transferred to the University from the Siege Workshop.
  • When Zhuge Nu is trained from a structure inside the Aura of the Spirit Way, its wood cost has been halved.
  • In the Barracks, battle-hardened technology was transferred from the Spearman column to the Man-at-Arms column.
  • The Siege Workshop’s Reload Drills technology was transferred to the Bombard column.

Sultanate of Delhi

  • The basic research period of each technology will now be shown accurately in the Delhi Sultanate tech tree.
  • The Sultanate of Delhi took longer to complete its keep postings. We’ve rectified the problem, and they’re now on par with other civilizations in terms of time.
  • Man-at-Arms no longer gains an additional +1 damage from Honed Blades Technology.
  • Forced March is no longer available to Tower Elephants.
  • When studying Siege Elephant technology instead of Armored Beasts, the Tower Elephant now gets the armor visual enhancement.
    • Tower Elephant’s armor does not grow as a result of Siege Elephant technology. This is done to make the update more visible.


  • Stone Walls prevent Palings and Camps from being activated.
  • The Man-at-Arms and Spearman production symbols have been switched.
  • Fixed an issue where the English Network of Castles bonus wasn’t being applied to all units.


  • To match the normal version of the unit, the range of the French Royal Ribauldequin has been lowered.
  • The alignment of technologies listed in the Technology Tree under the French Royal Institute has been corrected.
  • Enlistment Incentives technology no longer says inaccurately that it provides a 10% cost savings. The tooltip has been adjusted to appropriately represent the intended 5% discount.
  • The French Galleass now has the right gunpowder technology.
  • The desired +20 percent additional damage for Royal Cannon is now applied.

Holy Roman Empire

  • Buildings built inside the Palace of Swabia’s Influence region may now employ the Emergency Repairs ability.
  • The Palace of Swabia has received new garrison weaponry.
  • While in range of the Holy Roman Empire Influence, the Elzbach Palace may now use the Emergency Repairs ability.
  • The Elzbach Palace now gets the right damage reduction of 33%.
  • In the Holy Roman Empire Tech Tree, the Prelate has been included under the Feudal Age Town Center.
  • Keeps of the Holy Roman Empire have had their ranged armor decreased to match that of other civilizations.
  • Man-At-Arms troops will no longer get +15 health from Two-Handed Weapons technology.
  • More than 5 Relics deposited in Holy Roman Empire Docks will no longer improve Naval attack speed over 25%.
  • Gold is now available at a reduced price for placements.
  • The Palace of Swabia’s units and technologies in the Technology Tree are now properly aligned.
  • Heavy Maces and Two-Handed Weapons Technologies’ bonus damage now stacks appropriately.
  • If a prelates is bumped by another unit, they will no longer cease inspiring.


  • The 50% move speed increase will no longer be applied twice by Superior Mobility.
  • Improved Wheelbarrow is now available to study in the Dark Ages.
  • Double Trader’s manufacturing cost has been adjusted.
  • The alignment of technologies depicted in the Technology Tree beneath the Mongol Steppe Redoubt has been corrected.
  • The technology of the Mongols’ Additional Torches no longer boosts Naval units and Emplacements.
  • The cost of doubling the production of a certain number of Mongol units has been determined.
  • After originally exploring Monastic Shrines as the Mongols, Tithe Barns Technologies are now still accessible for exploration.
  • After studying the enhanced versions, Piety and Herbal Medicine are correctly removed from the Mongol Prayer Tent UI.
  • After researching Tithe Barns, relics garrisoned within a Mongol Prayer Tent now produce resources appropriately.
  • Early Lancers are no longer produced by Khaganate Palace.
  • The cost of double manufacturing for Silver Tree Trader has been revised.
  • The price of the stone for Improved Professional Scouts has been set.


  • The Professional Scouts bonus now applies to Rus Scouts’ hunting weapons.
  • The Age 2 requirement is no longer in effect for Lodya Transport Ships and Fishing Ship conversions.
  • The Horse Archer emblem now shows the one-of-a-kind indication.
  • The Trader has been deleted from the Technology Tree’s Rus Golden Gate section.
  • The assault speed of Rus Lodya Arrow Ships is no longer increased by Incendiary Arrows.
  • Damage scaling for Knight Torch has been tweaked.
  • Rus Scouts now take 200 percent more damage thanks to Professional Scouts Technology.
  • The attack speed of Elite Man-At-Arms has been corrected.
  • The cost of Lodya Trade Ships has increased by 100 wood.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented spearmen from defending themselves against cavalry charges.

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