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15 Best Old School RuneScape Quests For Beginners (F2P + P2P) –

RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Jagex. It was first released in January 2001, and has since become one of the most popular games on the market.

The osrs f2p quest efficiency guide is a list of 15 best old school RuneScape quests for beginners. These are the most efficient and quickest ways to level up, regardless of whether you’re playing on free-to-play or pay-to-play worlds.

There are many novice-level missions in OSRS that introduce you to the game’s environment and mechanics. The goal is to provide you with fundamental knowledge so that you are prepared for any future experiences!

There are 48 beginner level missions in all, some of which are just ridiculous and entertaining, while others expose you to new abilities and locations.

If you want to advance your account, you must complete these missions at some time. So let’s take a look at some of the game’s finest beginner missions.


Assistant to the Chef

OSRS Cook’s Assistant Quest gameplay screenshot

This is most likely the first mission you’ll encounter in OSRS (and I bet most of you remember it).

This will be one of the first things you notice when you arrive at Lumbridge.

This quest is a fantastic way to get started with cooking in the early game, plus it’s free to play!

Granted, it’s a brief quest that won’t take you far outside Lumbridge’s boundaries to accomplish.

Who knows, maybe once you’re ready, the chief chef will assign you a more difficult job…

Where to Begin: Speak with the head chef in the kitchen on the ground level of Lumbridge Castle.


Demon Slayer (#14)

OSRS Demon Slayer Quest gameplay screenshot

Demon Slayer serves as an early introduction to battle in OSRS, pitting you against a level 27 demon who is attacking the city of Varrock.

Only an adventurer wielding the legendary sword Silverlight will be able to defeat this terrible foe.

This mission will need some basic fighting skills to accomplish, as well as some somewhat more in-depth problem solving than previous tasks. It’s still a fun game to play through.

Start by speaking with the gypsy at Varrock Square, who will inform you about your fate.


Doric’s Quest (#13)

OSRS Doric’s Quest gameplay screenshot

Doric’s Quest, another free-to-play alternative on our list, provides an early introduction to the mining skill.

Doric will ask you to gather some low-level ores for him.

To begin, you’ll need a pickaxe and a mining level of about 15 to get started (or higher).

When you finish this task, Doric will let you to utilize his anvils anytime you want!

You’ll also get a modest 1.3k mining experience, which for a new player might be a few mining levels.

Where to Begin: Doric is situated between Goblin Village and Falador, approximately south of Goblin Village and north of Falador.


12. Kourend’s client

OSRS Client of Kourend Quest gameplay screenshot

The Client of Kourend exposes you to the vast island of Zeah, while other missions introduce you to abilities or equipment.

It’s your first Zeah quest, and it’ll have you visiting all of Zeah’s main homes as an introduction to the country and its peculiar inhabitants.

The Kharedst’s memoirs, a tiny book that enables you to teleport throughout the island, will also be unlocked.

However, if you want to use it, you’ll need to keep it charged.

However, I strongly advise you to utilize it since there are no early game teleports to the island, and the ones that are available will need some work to unlock.

To begin this novice-level quest, speak with the mysterious Veos at the Port Piscarillius pier.


Eagles Peak is number 11 on the list.

OSRS Eagles Peak Quest gameplay screenshot

You’ll be assisting Charlie the zoo keeper in his search for a new attraction for the Ardougne Zoo in this entertaining little adventure.

Specifically, a ferret!

The goal is to educate you about the Hunter skill in the end.

You’ll be exploring Eagles’ Peak near the Gnome Stronghold, solving riddles, and eventually capturing the ferret in this mission.

This is a crucial task since it unlocks box traps, which are necessary for capturing Chinchompas.

You’ll be able to use the eagle transit system as well.

The mission involves a lot of running about, so keep that in mind, and it’s a medium-length task.

Start by talking to Charlie, the zookeeper at Ardougne Zoo.


10. Mysteries of the Runes

OSRS Rune Mysteries Quest gameplay screenshot

Here’s a fantastic free-to-play adventure that reveals the secrets of runes.

This quest is intended to serve as an introduction to the Runecrafting talent, which is really locked behind this quest.

You’ll learn how to make runes from scratch and how to get there utilizing the Rune Essene mines!

The quest is short, however, and entails hopping between cities such as Lumbridge, Varrock, and the Wizards’ Tower.

You’ll be able to overcome this in no time if you use teleports or a stamina potion.

Start by speaking with Duke Horacio, who can be found on the second level of Lumbridge Castle, right below the bank beside the spinning wheel.


9. X Indicates a Location

OSRS X Marks the Spot Quest gameplay screenshot

Here’s another mission to do with our Kourend Veos pal.

This one is an introduction to OSRS’s clue scroll system, and it will have you answering puzzles and clues, as you would expect from a clue scroll.

Clues vary from riddles to ciphers, so familiarity with some of OSRS’s early locales will come in handy!

To complete this brief task fast, you’ll need a spade and perhaps a stamina potion.

Start by speaking with Veos at the Sheared Ram, a bar just outside of Lumbridge.


8. Infested City

OSRS Plague City Quest gameplay screenshot

This is the beginning of the elven quest line, which culminates in the Grandmaster Quest.

Disease city will transport you to West Ardougne, which is presently quarantined due to a terrible plague.

To locate a lost girl, you’ll need to discover a hidden route inside, beyond the enormous barriers.

After completing this task, you will get access to the Ardougne Teleport as well as some mining experience.

The mission’s main goal, however, is to introduce you to the elven quest line.

Where to Begin: Speak with Edmond on the outskirts of East Ardougne, near the huge wall that divides east and west Ardougne.


7. Recruiting Campaign

OSRS Recruitment Drive Quest gameplay screenshot

The Temple Knights of Saradomin and the quest line that accompanies it are introduced in Recruitment Drive.

This game is mainly on problem solving, as you’ll be thrown into an arena and given different challenges to solve.

Some of the puzzles in this quest are difficult to solve.

I would suggest using a quest guide for this one, since it may be tough even for experienced players.

If you prefer video walkthroughs, you can find them on YouTube, or there’s a good written tutorial here.

The initiate armour, which is some good armour with a prayer boost, is unlocked after completing this task. You also get some skill experience and the option to move your respawn point to Falador.

Start by speaking with Sir Amik Varze in the White Knights’ Castle.


Plateau of Death No. 6

OSRS Death Plateau Quest gameplay screenshot

As a result, completing this task, which is the first in the Troll quest line, is very beneficial.

You’ll be looking for a route through the Death Plateau, which is hazardous and inaccessible, so the trolls threatening Burthorpe can be dealt with.

You’ll need to locate and secure a hidden route up the plateau that will allow you to further explore the troll nation.

Completing this task also unlocks a path up the pass, as well as the ability to forge claws and purchase and use climbing boots.

Climbing boots are a fantastic pair of footwear with good numbers as well!

Where to Begin: Begin this quest by speaking with Denulth at the training camp in Burthorpe.


5. Arceuus’ Ascension

OSRS The Ascent of Arceuus Quest gameplay screenshot

Zeah is a large island with a lot to see and do.

There are five homes there, each with its own history and tales to tell.

The Ascent of Arceuus delves into the house of Arceuus, a tribe of magicians who have given up their corporeal bodies in order to attain immortality.

For the first time in thousands of years, a member of their family has died. It’s up to you to discover why.

Completing this task will give you 10% Arceuus Favour, some experience, and a page for your Kharedst’s Memoirs, which will aid you in teleporting to Arceuus’ center.

Start by speaking with Mori in Zeah’s Arceuus district.


Dwarf Cannon No. 4

OSRS Dwarf Cannon Quest gameplay screenshot

So this is a pretty simple quest to do, and the prize is great for a beginner quest!

I strongly advise you to look into this as soon as possible.

You’ll be helping Captain Lawgof with a number of duties in the Dwarf Cannon, one of which is repairing his Dwarven Multi Cannon.

The multi cannon is a great equipment that can be purchased for 750k gold after completing the quest.

Veteran players often utilize this cannon since it offers great range experience, high damage, and is helpful for a number of tasks such as Slayer Tasks.

In fact, for fighting, this cannon is probably the greatest beginner quest prize in OSRS.

Start by speaking with Captain Lawgof, who can be found near the Fishing Guild. If you want to buy the Dwarf Multi Cannon after completing the quest, go to Nulodion, who is at the entrance to the Dwarf Mines, right below Ice Mountain.


3. Workshop for Elementals I

OSRS Elemental Workshop I Quest gameplay screenshot

This is a one-of-a-kind mission in OSRS, since it is completed completely via note-taking and puzzle-solving.

As you descend into an old workshop capable of manufacturing the one and only elemental shield, there’s virtually no one to talk to.

Because this shield is required to battle Skeletal Wyverns (and other Wyverns), it must be completed.

The shield is obtained through completing the quest, as well as a significant amount of smithing and crafting experience.

Where to Begin: Getting started is a little difficult since there are no NPCs to speak with. To find a book about the elemental shield, travel to the home southwest of the Seers’ Village Bank and look inside a bookshelf. You can get a battered key by slashing it with a knife, and then enter the entryway near the anvils adjacent to the Seers’ Village Bank.


2. Bio-threat

OSRS Biohazard Quest gameplay screenshot

So this is the follow-up to the Plague City mission we spoke about before.

It also delves further into the epidemic in West Ardougne.

This time, you’ll have to sneak a disease sample out of the quarantine zone for examination, since something odd is happening!

The mission itself includes a few riddles and puzzles, as well as some deception.

And after you finish this quest, you’ll be able to enter West Ardougne via the main gate! You’ll also be able to visit the combat training camp.

Where to Begin: To begin this lengthy adventure, speak with Elena at the start of Plague City.


Druidic Ritual No. 1

OSRS Druidic Ritual Quest gameplay screenshot

The Druidic Ritual quest is at the top of our list.

It holds this position because it unlocks the very valuable Herblore talent.

However, you’ll be assisting a druid with, well, a ritual!

For the ritual to be performed, you’ll need to enchant some raw flesh. After that, you’ll learn about Herblore and be able to participate in it.

Start with Kaqemeex, who can be found in the stone circle just outside of Taverley.

The osrs completing all f2p quests is a guide that will help you complete all the F2P Quests in RuneScape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What quests should I do first RuneScape?

The easiest quests to start with are the Tutorial Quests, then you can work your way into the main storyline.

How many p2p quests are there in Osrs?

There are a total of 13 p2p quests in RuneScape.

What can you do in old school RuneScape f2p?

Old school RuneScape is a free-to-play version of the popular MMORPG, RuneScape. It has been around since 2001 and is still going strong today.

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